Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**



Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**

Post  Flappie on Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:31 pm

1. General Information
Name: Maarten Vochten
Age: 15
Sex: male
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch

2. Character Information
Name: Flappie
Class/Spec: Warlock - Destruction
Race: Undead
Creation date: 3-4 years ago
Played time: 160 days

-Are you the original owner of this account? (Y/N) Y
-Is this your main character? (Y/N) Y
-Are you applying to Raid, PVP or as a Casual Player? I'm applying to do raids and also to make some friends. I'll never act like a jerk and can be quite funny sometimes, but only when I feel happy (which is 99%).

-Equipment (Post a link to a ctprofile, or WoW armory)
-Previous guilds: Euphoric, Axis and Vanquish
-Reasons for leaving these guilds: Euphoric was a 10 man guild, very professional though, but i grew tired of only 10 mans so i went looking for another guild --> Axis... Axis has good members but the only problem was and that was a huge problem was that i couldn't attend to their raids, because they raided to midnight and further, so i left bringing me to --> Vanquish... Vanquish is just a guild where i got loads of friends, from here i would look for another guild --> Epsilon
-Are you a server transfer? Why did you transfer? (Be completely honest we can check your information): No
-How many alts do you have, Please list their class/names and their level below: Vrazuniol level 80 Death Knight, Morimos level 80 Shaman, Nymphat level 68 Paladin, for the rest i've got some alts beneath level 50

3. Computer Information
CPU: Look, i'm not interested in these things, as long as i can raid properly everything it's alright... If there's something wrong I have a brother around who can help me with it.
Graphics card:
Connection type:
Do you suffer from framerate issues or lag with 25 players on screen? No
Can you use Ventrilo 3.0? Yes i can
Do you have a microphone? Are you willing to talk? Yes

4. Raiding Information
When are you available to raid with us? I can raid everyday if needed, preferably not
List all times in CET.
Monday - Start time: End time: 20.00-23.00
Tuesday - Start time: End time: 19.30-23.00
Wednesday - Start time: End time: 19.30-23.00
Thursday - Start time: End time: 20.00-23.00

What are the consumables you think are important to your class? Flask of the Frost Wyrm, Tender Shoveltusk Steak.
What do you do to prepare for a raid? I look up on tactics on bosses i don't know or don't know anymore. I make sure i got all my consumables with me.

5. Previous raiding Experience (ZA, SSC, TK, MH, BT, SWP): Haven't done any of those, because i wasn't active during TBC, was active at Vanilla though
What is the hardest boss you have defeated in World of Warcraft? Anub'arak ToGC 10 man, if you want to know why (it's not in the question) It's because of the huge pressure. You have to keep your dps as high as possible at all costs and at any time. You also can't die... We first had much problems with this boss, but when we got him once it had become very easy.
What does PVE raiding mean to you? You try your best at defeating encounters with a vertain group. If you wipe all the time, you can't give up and you have to keep on trying. You also have to be able to make a joke here and there.

6. Previous Games
List any previous MMO's you have played: I've played Guild Wars.
How have these helped you in World of Warcraft? It helped me to see that going to the highest level in Guild Wars is a lot faster than going to level 80. You can't really speak of raiding in Guild Wars. PVP is a good system there, because everyone is the same and it has to come of skill knowledge and skills

7. Epsilon Information
Why do you want to join Epsilon? I want a decent raiding guild which has Social and serious people.
What can Epsilon expect to gain from you as a member? A dps (up to you to judge weither i'm good or not) and a funny guy. I also know some things so if you have any question don't bother to ask.
If you have a friend or a person you know in Epsilon let us know his/her name. I have no friends. Well atleast not in Espilon ^^
What do you expect to gain from joining Epsilon? Better progress in Icecrown Citadel, I want to make some new friends and ofcourse some better gear wouldn't hurt.

8. Additional Information
This is your chance to tell us anything about yourself which you feel will be beneficial to your application: I'm playing World of Warcraft for a very long time now, so don't worry that i might not know some things. For the rest i don't have anything to say and i don't have no questions

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Re: Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**

Post  Elio on Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:00 pm

Hello Flappie and thanks for your application.

Well, I have to say that I have enough time to see a so clear, accurate and well written application. But there are two problems:
1. warlock class is crowded a bit.
2. your age is below our standards. Ofc, in the almost 5 years I have played WoW and usually I have dealt with recruitment, I have met 14years old lads to have mature attitude like a 40years old man, as well the opposite. So when we talk about underage, the plain problem is not the maturity but the 'interruptions' due to a parental interference. Such as 'come for dinner now' or 'time is late, go sleep (power-off PC)' etc etc.

Also at the moment, we don't do 25-man. We are very close to have enough manpower for this though.

After all, I like your application and your spirit. So I give you thumbs up. Hope to see you in guild. The final word will be from GM.

Good luck with your application. Smile


Re: Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**

Post  Flappie on Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:20 am

Well, every time i apply to a guild it's the age problem again. I understand that it could be a problem to some people and everytime I got accepted for a trial nobody made problems out of it. And, yes i know that Epsilon is quite full with Warlocks, but i asked a GM (which name i forget...) if you still recruit locks, and he said that there's place for 1 more maximum.

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Re: Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**

Post  Kenpo on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:49 pm

if we need one more warlock can take this guy ....age never been problem for me and when he say days/times and he can be here for raids i don't know why cant at least test him about "mature behavior" or not....

take him.....
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Re: Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**

Post  Divinora on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:51 pm

Contact us in game for a invite.


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Re: Destruction Warlock - Flappie**Approved**

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