10/25man Icecrown Citadel Dkp Rules

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10/25man Icecrown Citadel Dkp Rules

Post  Divinora on Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:18 pm

In 10/25-man Icecrown Citadel:
-At the beginning, all requests for off-spec items will not be acceptable. These items will be disenchanted and the abyss crystals will go to guild bank, unless if someone need it will follow the DKP system.
- BoE Rare/Epic items or recipes or books (if there are any) will take it and after it will be handled accordingly.
- Material drops such as Primordial Saronite and any other possible future addition, will be stored to guild bank.
- Priority on invites will be based upon gear evaluation 2700pts. or
more, (wow-heroes.com) in case we missing ppl we fill spots with the
highest available.

Icecrown Citadel 10/25-man DKP earnings:
- On-time policy: at the starting time of the event, all members present, receive a reward for punctuality. (5 pts)
- Standby policy: If a raid member drops out, a readily available replacement receives a bonus (2 pts)
- Time spent policy: For each hour spent in the raid, a certain amount of DKP is handed out (2 pts per hour)
- Boss Kill policy: Each boss killed, gives all raid members a certain reward (5pts)
- First Kill policy: If a boss is killed for the very first time, an extra bonus is awarded to all participants (5 pts)
- End Boss kill policy: 1st time kill (15pts) and next kill (10pts)
- End raid day policy: At the end of the raid, a reward is given for staying till RL say raid end. (2 pts)
- Members which -after raid leader approval only- will spawn a repair
bot, they will receive a reward (2 pts). If more members are able to spawn a
repair bot, they will roll and the winner will spawn it.
- Members which can support all raid members with group food buffs (like Great Feast or Fish Feast) but only for the whole raid day and not for just a
couple of times, they will receive a reward (2 pts).
- Points for various tasks: some systems expand "raid-related tasks" to include all activity that benefits the guild, like farming runs to acquire potions,
runs for learning new encounters or donations to the guild item vault.

- Someone by leaving /AFK the raid without permission from raid leader will lose all the DKP earned from the current raid event and will receive a penalty of -15 pts.
- Raiders which will not be fully prepared (fully enchanted and socketed
gear, enough pots, elixirs or flasks, reagents, food buffs) will be
replaced, in case there is no available or correct class they will
remain in raid but they will not take any DKP and also will got a
penalty of -20 DKP pts. Plus they will receive no loot, even if none
else want an item and even if he has already earned enough DKP to take

10 man items costs
* Two hand Weapons (60 pts)
* One hand Weapons, Shields/Off Hands (30 pts)
* Helms/Shoulders (30 pts)
* Chests/Leggings/Feet pieces/Gloves (35 pts)
* Belts/Bracers/Cloaks (25 pts)
* Rings/Trinkets/Amulets (30 pts)
* Idols/Relics/Totems/Librams/Sygils (25 pts)
* BoP epic crafting recipies (Guild crafters priority)
* Tier 10 Token (60 pts)
* Shadowfrost Shard (High Council)

- Activity and Ranking: Activity will be calculated weekly and it will be based on the raid week attendance.
- 100% raid attendance (4/4) means that person is core,
- 75% raid attendance (3/4) means that person is active,
Anyone not in those two categories (or an alt/absence) will go into
inactive/backup - if they're not out of it by two weeks then a kick,
unless known absence is used.
-Loot priority: Core will get priority of drops for the first two kills
of a new boss, then those in active ranks and finally everyone else
i.e. alt/casual/new recruit etc.
Once the boss is killed on its third time (officially farming state)
normal DKP loot rules will be applied.
-Initiates: Initiates will not have loot rights until they become
members, even if the items will not be needed by anyone and will be
disenchanted. They will receive only the 50% of the DKP and they will
be able to spend them after they become members.
- Alts: You are free to bring an alt if there is a class type missing, in order to make the raid go ahead. Alts will have their own DKP points, separated from
the main character but they will be last in loot.
-All raiders can have only one Tier Token on each raid lockout even if they got enough DKP.

About items categories
Items which have
- +mp5 on, will be healer class priority.
- +hit on, will be dps spellcaster class priority.


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