30 signs you are addicted to WOW



30 signs you are addicted to WOW

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:44 pm

1)You find nothing to eat in the kitchen and wait for the respawn
2)You drive you car out of the road and think that's cause of the lag.
3)You play football with friends and say "Cmon people dont go afk,this time we will pwn them".
4)You are not so good at sex and think "Well i wasnt buffed".
5)You see your friend's dog and ask him about the aggro.
6)You go in a party and dont say your name cause u think all will read it up your head.
7)You try to create a macro for your homeworks.
8 )You accidentally fall on the ground and say "Heal plis".
9)You travel too much and try to insert the BlockNum+ in your car.
10)You abandon your family leaving a some words on a piece of paper...../gquit, gg!
11) You're not sure if the girl you are chatting up is REALLy a girl.
12) You think you can turn invisible by simply adopting a ninja pose and making a PSHHOO! noise.
13) You run into peoples houses asking where the Portals Trainer is.
14) You keep beating up same person again and again for that Epic Drop.
15) You stand around your capital city DOING NOTHING (I'm looking at you IF lvl 70 lag contributors!!)
19) You don't eat for several days because you "have" very high spirit. (yeah taken from pure pwnage but still funny ^^)
20) You play football and never go for the ball because there was no mark.
21) You walk up to random people and ask them for water.
22) You always sleep for 2 days before you start studying for a test since you will learn 2x faster if you are rested.
23) After not doing anything for a while you sit down on the ground. After a few more minutes you grab a pice of paper, write AFK on it and glue to your head.
24) You start rubbing your hand in hope that an animal will pop out of nowhere for you to ride on.
25) After having sex your girlfriend says she wants to do it again and you reply: "z0mfg cooldown n00b!!"
26) When talking to girls you always open with: "so are you a girl IRL?"
27) For some reason you start jumping around just to past time.
28 )Cool In a bar when trying to pick someone up you stand up and yell: "LFG for bedroom 60s only plz!"
29) You get a brand new supercool leather jacket as a present. You just drop it on the ground and says: "sry m8, im cloth user"
30) When you walk into a kindergarden, you yell "ZoMfG!!! DIE GNOMES"
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Re: 30 signs you are addicted to WOW

Post  Divinora on Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:30 pm

lol! its so funny Val.. cool post. cheers


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Re: 30 signs you are addicted to WOW

Post  Shapewielder on Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:53 pm

Never laughed so hard a t a WoW joke great job lol! lol! lol!

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Re: 30 signs you are addicted to WOW

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