Lvl 70 Resto Druid**Approved**



Lvl 70 Resto Druid**Approved**

Post  Pewpewki on Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:04 pm

1. General Information
Language:English / Finish

2. Character Information
Creation date:Not sure
Played time:20Days

-Are you the original owner of this account? (Y/N)Y
-Is this your main character? (Y/N)Y
-Are you applying to Raid, PVP or as a Casual Player? A little of both

(Please state what type of player you are and complete the below as appropriate, if you are not intending to raid you can go straight to section 6)

-Equipment (Post a link to a ctprofile, or WoW armory)
-Previous guilds:Auxxillium, and now in Kranos
-Reasons for leaving these guilds:Auxxillium disbanded, and I dont like Kranos
-Are you a server transfer? Why did you transfer? (Be completely honest we can check your information):No...

3. Computer Information
CPU:Not sure
Graphics card:Not sure
RAM:Not sure Sad
Connection type:Not sure, but its good one
Do you suffer from framerate issues or lag with 25 players on screen? Nope
Can you use Ventrilo 3.0? No, but im willing to learn
Do you have a microphone? Are you willing to talk? no, cant use.

4. Raiding Information
When are you available to raid with us? Everyday I quess
List all times in CET.
Monday - Start time: End time:23:00
Tuesday - Start time: End time:23:00
Wednesday - Start time: End time:23:00
Thursday - Start time: End time:23:00

What are the consumables you think are important to your class? Elixirs
What do you do to prepare for a raid? Do my job before raid, so I dont have to afk
5. Previous raiding Experience (BWL, MC, NAXX, AQ20, 40): Kara, Za, Gruul
What is the hardest boss you have defeated in World of Warcraft?Gruul
What does PVE raiding mean to you? Good times with friends

6. Previous Games
List any previous MMO's you have played: I've played Silkroad
How have these helped you in World of Warcraft? Not really

7. Epsilon Information
Why do you want to join Epsilon? To raid ofcourse!
What can Epsilon expect to gain from you as a member? A raider?
If you have a friend or a person you know in Epsilon let us know his/her name.Dont have any
What do you expect to gain from joining Epsilon? A good guild

8. Additional Information
This is your chance to tell us anything about yourself which you feel will be beneficial to your application: I got nothing more to say.
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Re: Lvl 70 Resto Druid**Approved**

Post  Divinora on Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:57 pm

Welcome, Smile contact in game for a inv.


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