Resto Druid aplication**BL**



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Resto Druid aplication**BL**

Post  Deianira on Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:33 pm

1. General Information
Name: Ioana
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Country: Romania
Language: English/ Romanian

2. Character Information
Name: Deianeira
Class/Spec: Druid/ Restoration
Race: Female Tauren
Creation date: November 2007
Played time: 25 days, 6 hours

-Are you the original owner of this account? Yes
-Is this your main character? Yes
-Are you applying to Raid, PVP or as a Casual Player? I am both interested in raiding and in pvp.

(Please state what type of player you are and complete the below as appropriate, if you are not intending to raid you can go straight to section 6)

-Equipment (Post a link to a ctprofile, or WoW armory):
You will probably find me in my pvp gear, as I'm not in a guild atm, I also have a pve gear with 1700 healing and 200 mana regen while casting.
-Previous guilds: Knives Out, Temple of Bachus
-Reasons for leaving these guilds: I was co- founder in both of them, Temple of Bachus is based on former knives Out members, unfortunately things didn;t work out as expected and I left the guild.
-Are you a server transfer? Why did you transfer? (Be completely honest we can check your information):No.

3. Computer Information
CPU: AMD Athlon 3.2 Ghz
Graphics card: G-force 8400
Connection type: Cable 2GB
Do you suffer from framerate issues or lag with 25 players on screen? No.
Can you use Ventrilo 3.0? Yes
Do you have a microphone? Are you willing to talk? Yes, I am willing to talk.

4. Raiding Information
When are you available to raid with us? I am always available during usual raiding ours, starting 7 pm, server time.
List all times in CET.
Monday - 19:00: 24:00:
Tuesday - 19:00: 24:00:
Wednesday - 19:00: 24:00:
Thursday - 19:00: 24:00:

What are the consumables you think are important to your class?
What do you do to prepare for a raid? Flask of mighty restoration, Mana potions, Mana oils, buffing food, reagents.

5. Previous raiding Experience (BWL, MC, NAXX, AQ20, 40):Character created post TBC.
What is the hardest boss you have defeated in World of Warcraft? Zul'Jin, Al'Ar.
What does PVE raiding mean to you?
The best part of World of Warcraft, a way of communicating with people and working with them as a team and not least a great way to have fun.
6. Previous Games
List any previous MMO's you have played: Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft.
How have these helped you in World of Warcraft?
They have helped my dexterity, reflexes and especially my pve skills.
7. Epsilon Information
Why do you want to join Epsilon? I want to join Epsilon because I am fond of raiding and playing pve again, after a short break of doing pvp. I believe that I am appropriate for filling a position in the guild and Epsilon is everything I want from a guild.
What can Epsilon expect to gain from you as a member? I will be a hard working member, reliable and friendly, you can always count on me as a teammate and as a friend.
If you have a friend or a person you know in Epsilon let us know his/her name.
What do you expect to gain from joining Epsilon?
I expect to enjoy the endgame content of wow.
8. Additional Information
I always read the info about new bosses, I am punctual and always prepared for raids, I also have knowledge about other classes, especially priest.
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Re: Resto Druid aplication**BL**

Post  Divinora on Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:23 am

Thank you for your application, contact me in game for further talk.


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