Never say No..:P

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Never say No..:P

Post  Divinora on Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:04 pm

One day they meet together in Hell a Greek, a American and a Indian.
Satan was patroling there, stop, look at them and said,
-"In all they come here i give them a chance to transfer back to paradise" and saying that he taking out his huge whip.. affraid
-"anyone who stand 3 hits without scream he goes to paradise, you can use a shield if you like."

First goes the American.
-"What you will have as a shield?" Satan ask him.
The American takes a huge stone and said
-"Im ready"
Satan raise his whip hit one and the stone goes, hit twice and the American start screaming like a maniac.
-"Next".. Satan said
Indian move front
-"What you will have as a shield?"
- "Nothing! ' -Indian said- " 80 years of yoga makes me feel no body pain!"'
1st Hit.
Indian "sssshhhhhhh"
2nd Hit.
Indian "sssshhhhhhh"
3rd Hit.
Indian "sssshhhhhhh"
-"Awww DAMNNNNNN!!! ".. Satan yell
".. 1st time someone stand three hits without screaming. Well, you are free to go to paradise as i promise."
-"NO".. -Indian said- "i want to stay and see. In all jokes Greek manage to go through, i want to see now how he will escape from this.!!"
-"Ok you can stay."
Satan turns to Greek.
-"Well, what you will use as a shield?"
Greek look at him with a smile and say...
-"THE INDIAN..!!!!!!"


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