General Guild Rules (To be upheld by EVERYBODY)

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General Guild Rules (To be upheld by EVERYBODY)

Post  Divinora on Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:53 pm

These are the terms you must agree to in order to be included in the guild.

These terms must be upheld by all members or you will be removed from the guild. Agreeing to the guild rules is a commitment you make to your fellow guild members, and you are expected to live up to these without needing to be reminded. Ignorance is no excuse, you must have read and understood these rules before applying, failure to adhere to them will be dealt with swiftly.

Guild Ranking System
The Keeper (GM)
Secret Keeper (co/GM)
Epsilon Keeper (Officers/Classleaders)
Epsilon Keeper Alt (Officers/Classleaders Alts)
Keeper (member)
Acolyte Keeper (initiate)
Keeper Alts
Lost Keeper (Casual player)

1) Players must decide upon joining guild if they are joining specifically, or intending to, raid. If you decide you will be raiding then you must follow raid rules strictly and without compromise

2) Players who are offline for more than 14 days without notice all Dkp they have earn will be reset and a minus 100 will be added to all them char, if they continue to be offline without a notice to us they will be removed from the guild.

3) When you are applying to our guild we will accept main characters ONLY. You can bring alts to the guild, however your Main character must be the character you apply with and must be worked on to the best of your ability BEFORE levelling alts.

3a) Also we not allowed ppl got char on multi guilds, that means if we understand that a player got another char on a difference guild he will get a warning to quit the other guild or else he will be removed from Epsilon, we not a hardcore guild but we don't like ppl get benefits from several guilds and use them from them satisfaction. guild is a team work and a small community, if the only think you care is yr self don't join a raiding guild there are several chat guilds out there who mighty cover yr needs.

4) You should have a positive attitude towards problem solving and teamwork. We want team players, not people who are only interested in benefiting themselves

5) Every member is an ambassador to the guild and must therefore treat all players with courtesy and with respect

6) No spamming or getting involved in flaming discussions on realm forums

7) No spamming chat channels or acting rudely towards other players

8 ) As an active member of the Guild you will read and participate in the community on this forum. (Members have full access to the forum of course). You are encourage to make posts about any suggestions/points you would like discussed

9) You will be ranked as a Trial member for approximately 4 weeks. This time will allow the guild to get to know you better on a personal level and as a player

10) During your 4 week trial period, the guild members will be able, and are encouraged, to comment and leave feedback on their experiences with you to officers. As a result of this feedback we will decide whether you will be added permanently to the guild

11) Epsilon members or recruits are not allowed to join pug raids. Pug heroics are fine, but raids will not be accepted. You will be given a final warning, if it happens a second time you will be removed from the guild, no excuses and no special circumstances

12)Listen to what the officers tell you

13) Officers are here to help you, if you have a problem, either in game or with another player, that you cannot rectify yourself, discuss it with an officer. Do not make negative comments in guild chat

14) Appreciate that Officers are often busy with other matters so may not be able to help out straight away, but they are there to be approached so don't hesitate. If they can't help you at that moment they can tell you who is available to help

15) A ClassLeader has various responsibilities:

They take care of the Trials in their class and can help decide if they are to be promoted or removed from the guild, Epsilon Keeper have the final word on the matter.

They are responsible for solving class related issues that may occur. If necessary they can bring it under the officers attention.

They are also responsible for each class members well-being and itís expected of them to try to generate and maintain friendliness and team spirit amongst class members.

They are responsible for the content of their class chat channel. These channels are used by each class to discuss class related problems. Itís also a nice way for the classleaders to speak to all class members without disturbing other guild members.

Class Leaders will also Lead raids when Required.

16) Casual Players are entitled and encouraged to join the Raiders, however you will be subject to the raid trial period. If the Raid Leader asks you to join a raid due to lack of classes etc, you are entitled to decline, however if you accept you must follow the raid rules. Loot priorities will be decided by the Raid Leader/Master looter.

17) The guild can provide materials for enchants subject to stock, however, these materials are only available once you have completed your 4 week trial and successfully become a member of the Raiders. Further rules with regards to this can be found in the Enchanting section of the forum

18) Members who likes to switch char can be done if officers think is needed, in case switch is approved the player char will goes to initiate rank for 2 weeks period and he will be last in loot priority, ofcourse all previous dkp he got will be reseted and a new dkp will start for the new main character.


This game is about discovering and having fun, making new friends, working together and accomplishing new things. As such, as a guild, we want to make everyone feel welcome, both the relaxed casual gamer, the serious raider to the new learner, we have space for all. All we ask in return is you adhere to our rules, treat everyone with respect and ultimately have fun. If some aspect of the game is causing problems for you, or it is feeling like a chore, we want you to discuss it with us, see if there's something we can do. We want you to have ambition, drive, but most of all we want you to join our community, enjoy yourself, have fun and make new friends. If your actions cause negativity or upset to any member of our guild then this will not be taken lightly and will be dealt with as an attack against the whole guild. If we all work together, who knows what we can achieve?

Guild Leaders

Epsilon Keeper: Uroukhigh/Mordomir/Sethis (GM)

Secret Keeper: Divinora/Cocco/Goldfinger (Co-GM/CL)

Officer: Alreadydead/Mayriskyla/Kleftra

Reqruit Officer:Truemode/Taurekoth

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