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Raid Rules

Post  Divinora on Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:50 pm

Mandatory Raid Add-on

Guild Ranking Loot System for 10/25man Raids a DKP will be issued

  • The Keeper (GM)
  • Secret Keeper (co/GM)
  • Epsilon Keeper/Classleaders
  • Epsilon Keeper/Classleaders Alt
  • Keeper
  • Acolyte Keeper **
  • Keeper Alts
  • Lost Keeper

1) The Raid Leader's decision is final. If you have any problems with the raid, or wish to dispute anything, take it up after the raid with either the raid leader or an officer, do not cause arguments in raid chat

Veteran Raiders:
2) If you want to be a Veteran Raider you must raid a minimum of 3 days per week. If you are unable to adhere to a raid schedule due to real life commitments you must notify an officer well in advance.

3) Just as joining the guild will carry a trial period, so to will joining the Veteran Raiders. The trial will be 8 raids. During this trial you will be closely observed. You must be online for every scheduled raid (unless previously discussed with an officer). You will have no priority on loot until your trial finishes, and successful completion will be decided by the officers and Raid Leader. It may be the case that the trial will be extended, this is not up for debate.

4) The veterans are the heart and soul of this Guild. they are those to come first and leave last. Therefore, they have benefits, but also obligations. Veterans have priorities on loots, mats and crafted materials, because they will be first to enter a new dungeon and wipe many times, in order for Epsilon to progress. Veterans also must provide to the Guild the most, not only their toon, but also their professions and their playing time for whatever the Guild has to gain. This means not only continuous raiding, but also mats gathering, crafting items for the Guild and providing any kind of help towards the Guild progress as a whole. Every expansion and new content addition will bring many new areas, instances, quests and factions. Veterans must not sit back and enjoy the view like a tourist, but be the elite force of Epsilon that will be first on everything new, it will be a harsh path, but it will be rewarding. Do you feel up to the challenge? The Cataclysm is here now. Sharpen your weapons, dust your spell books and be one of those selected few. Epsilon will progress and you'll play a major part on it. We need you.

5) Veteran Raiders who consistently break the rules/do not log on for raids without prior warning or are consistently late will be placed back on trial at the Raid Leaders discretion. If this happens more than once you will be removed from the Raid Roster completely

6) Veteran Raiders will have priority over trial members for raid signup, however again the Raid Leaders decision on who to take on a raid is final. The Raid Leader will decide who will be coming to the raid based on classes available. It is not up to you to demand to be invited or come as there may not be room for your class in the raid. The amount of members in this rank is 3 per class.

7) You must turn up to raids with more than enough reagents and consumables as appropriate to your class. Raid delays due to shortages will not be tolerated. If there is any confusion as to what you need to bring discuss with the Raid Leader well in advance

Cool You are expected to know every fight before hand, researched tactics and know what is expected of you at every encounter

9 ) All add-ons required for your class must be installed prior to the raid. Any difficulty or confusion must be discussed in advance with an officer. A list of the minimum required add-ons (Deadly BossMod, CTRaidassist, Omen and Healbot) can be found on the forum and also can be obtained from any officer. There are no excuses for not having these add-ons

10) During the raid you must be 100% focused, long periods of being AFK, unresponsiveness without first discussing with the Raid Leader, disconnects, and other conditions which mean you are not performing in the raid will not be tolerated and will result in you being removed from the raid

11) All Raiders must log on to Ventrillo for the raid. The server is always available for use if needed, however during raid you must use it, anyone not on Ventrillo will receive one warning to log on and then will be removed from the raid

12) You will raid with your main character. If for any reason an Alt is required to fill a class spot then this is the decision of the Raid Leader. You will be notified before the raid if this is the case. If an alt is consistently required over a main then potential rank re-assignment may be required

13) An alt that has been invited to a raid, in order to fulfil a missing class, will have the same priorities on loot as that alt's main character. At present, this applies to 10-man raids only. In case a player is asking to join raid with his alt, he/she will have loot priority below initiate rank.

14) Player Specs should be based around maximizing raid performance. All ‘off specs’ must be Guild approved and agreed.

15) Listen to the raid leader and assistants. They are in charge and (usually) know what they are doing. If you feel you have a better idea, inform a Raid Leader or Raid Assistant in tells, and make sure it is phrased politely. "Hey dumbass, that's fricking retarded. Let's do it this way instead", will likely be ignored. Keep in mind, raid execution elements include timeliness, so if the leader says go, that means now.

16) Suggestions for raid tactics / plans shall be communicated to your respective class coordinator and they will pass the suggest / information to the raid leader.
We will be entering new content wherever not many tactics are out so all should be fully prepared to react fast to the different things that could and most likely will happen.

17) To improve raid efficiency, the officers may remove players and invite others at any time.

18) If you're going afk, tell a leader, or an assistant. If you are leaving a raid earlier than the raid will finish, you MUST give a raiding leader notice in advance. This is to find a replacement, so will not be held up. If you absolutely have to leave immediately, it is understandable, as things come up. But if it becomes a habit, it will be addressed

19) We have a raid schedule. You will be expected to follow the raid times, invites will start between 19:50-20:10 unless specifically mentioned otherwise, with raids finishing at 23:00 again unless the Raid Leader has said otherwise. It is not down to you to decide when the Raid ends as you agree to come to a raid based on this timetable.

20 ) The Guild Crafter will have priority on any recipes that drop. If a Guild Crafter is not in the raid then the priorities on a BOP recipe will be the same as loot, if the recipe is not bop then the Master Looter will take the recipe and pass it to the Guild Crafter when they are on, and if they know it already it will then be decided who will receive the recipe. A list of the official Guild Crafters can be found in the enchanting section of the forum.

We understand and appreciate that everyone has their own playing style. While each of us are unique, the design of raid encounters and the level of the required coordination, means that we must all fulfil the role for which we were selected. In extreme cases, you may be asked to respect for the benefit of the raid. In most cases, this is voluntarily. In dire cases, the raid leader may require respecs. If required to respec, the Guild Bank will cover half of your respec cost.

**See Dkp Rules for BwD/BpT/ToT4W/FL section
**See Dkp Rules for Dragon Soul section


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