Ruzak - Halo 3 Montage



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Ruzak - Halo 3 Montage

Post  Ruzak on Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:16 am

This is my halo 3 montage if any of you like xbox games or halo Razz;10213177;/fileinfo.html

I used 2 play halo 3 ALOT i used to play with some of the best players in europe , i actually got matched up with n 2the eighbor in MLG playlist who for any of you halo fans will no he is in the second best halo team in the world, str8 rippin i dominated the game coming first by far n 2the eighbor couldnt catch up with the amount of kills i was geting on him and his team mates lol, was 1 of my best achiements on halo, also i beat the 6th ranked free for all player in europe in a FFA and used to run customs with lots of top contenders at XL tournaments...there wasnt much to the game after playing it for so long at such high amounts and decided to quit and come back to WoW as i did that my xbox360 broke Sad...havent yet got it fixed but will do when got the money

btw Chapperz is my rl nickname
and II Chapperz II is my xbox gamertag, add me if you want, im skill rank 50 which is the highest you can be which your no if u play halo 3 Razz
i can boost your skill for any of you guys that play halo3 once my xbox is repaired, hope the link works, bai

btw i used that music only because i thought it went well with the vid i actually listen to stuff like drum n bass 2pac and uk grime n bit of trance Smile, the gameplay and editing was done in a short amount of time so dont be to mean on your comments Razz its best wtached in 50% screen size on windows media player cuz of the not so gd quality.

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