THE CURSE part 4


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THE CURSE part 4

Post  Kenpo on Tue May 06, 2008 9:51 am

Chapter Four


arriving, Kabal throws the rope to tigh up the Zeppelin to the tower.

Kenpo : Yo Kabal! That's the Zeppelin Master you threw the rope onto. Not a pole!

Kabal : So?

Dryops : You Noob Kabal. We
will be looking all over Badlands to find this ugly midget as he will be
carried along with the Zep when it leaves. Againnn!

Kabal : Until they put a Tauren Zeppelin Master in his place I will be tighing
the rope on Him until the day I die!

Kabal jumps down from the Zep at once and Dryops follows.

Kalhas : These fellas must be undergoin through some serious psychological shit-I can tell u that for sure.

Kenpo : Ya, I hope this doesnt apply to their entire guild.

As he says that, both Kalhas and Kenpo jump down from the Zep.

Olympia : Excuse meee? Do you seriously believe I will jump down from this thing?
There's something very wrong in your head! Ehmmm... Mr. Master where can I find some stairs to go down please?

Zeppelin master : ehmmmm... fftttt ... sscchheee.....

Olympia : Ah ofcourse.. You're tighed up now arent you.. Let me fix this. Ah there. Well? How do I get down from here?

Zeppelin master : The stairs are right there..... Arrgghhhh.. The
Zeppelin is leaving on its own - The roooopppee OMG! Catch the ropeee!

Olympia : Are you damaged in the head? That rope is filthy black. Do I look like someone who would touch such a thing?

Olympia takes the stairs down and as she exits the Zeppelin tower, a loud
Crashing sound is heard.

Olympia : ΑΑ Kabal. You dropped those wooden sticks from your pocket again.

Kalhas : Those wooden sticks you moron Oly are the pieces of wood from the Zeppelin that just crashed on that mountain over there.

Kenpo: Now run b4 that Zep Master catches us and makes us pay for it. We'll be still paying till Expansion Day if that happens. Run!!

The three friends enter Orgrimmar.

Kalhas : So this is the Orc Town.

Olympia : Oh My.. Too much dust around here tsk tsk. And what is that head on that pole over there.. Something they prepare for BBQ undoudtedly.. The savages..

Kenpo shouting - eyeballs out moving hands and legs frantically

Kenpo : Olympiaa! That is Onyxia. Onyxiaaaa!!!

Olympia in a calm tone of voice staring at Ony carelessly

Olympia: Oh its her.. Mighty Onyxia now dead .. mmm..

Dryops :Will u all move it so I can rest b4 raid?? Huh??

They start walking towards the Cleft of Shadow. The moment they arrive next to the entrance to the Ragefire Chasm they see a hunter trying to shove something in a hole on the wall.

Ceasar : #$@#$%$%^ stupid-Stupid Gnome Engineers.

Dryops :
What's wrong with you again u nub ?

Ceasar : The cardd. The friggin card to open the door won't work AGAIN. Garzuul for once again didnt give me the waterproof ones- the good ones- and i managed to get this one wet at the Sunken Temple when I was helping out Valara the other day.

Kabal: Ahh dammnn - Valara took YOU with her? But I said I would help her. Damnn was looking forward to that - I would at last find my time alone with her down there...

Dryops :
LoL Ceasar. As if the guild would spend the good mats to give hunters of all classes the good cards.
Since you do know already... Hunters Suckkk!

Ceasar : ………Oh shush - Open the door to get inside and cut the crap.... And btw? Who are they??

Kabal : Bah- A bunch of kids we helped a while ago during some quests they had.We thought we might be needing them since we ain't got many priests. So we'll take them to the 'President' and let him decide what to do with them.

Ceasar : (looking down upon Kenpo) And a hunter huh? I dont think we need hunters.

Kenpo : Why- am i gonna be using your arrows? Or am I gonna be living off your food? Pfftt

Ceasar : A big mouth like that to an old member like ME b4 u even got accepted??This is not gonna work out well me thinks.

Dryops reaches down his pocket to take a "Waterproof Open Portal
Card" out made by Garzuul. He inserts it in the slot where Ceasar was
trying just a while ago and at once a second portal next to the RFC one opens up. It's the portal leading to the Horde Empire Village. Kalhas gasps with eyes wide open.

Kalhas : OmG??? You have your own portal to take you where exactly?

Dryops : To our village ofcourse. Wherelse.

Kabal : Who do you think we are noobs? You thought the best guild of the server wouldnt have a place for its members to stay?

Upon entering the portal they all load at once to the Horde Empire Village.

The village is a smaller Orgrimmar version with some small differences.

Above of where the bank is, there is a sign that reads: "Greywind's Tavern on the Green". Kalimdor's best food handmade by Grey. Across from that and in the place of the Auction House there is the famous "Bur's Pastry Shop" The best Cookies anyone could ever possibly taste. Next to that however, where Orgrimar's Inn used to be they see a house, closed up with bars and chains. The sign above it reads: "Mumsy's Toy House". As Kabal passes by, he stands a bit and sighs as he remembers the times when that House was still open with a clearly nostalgic look on his face.

The rest of the houses are where Horde Empire members live. And finally, at the house where someone normally sees Thrall, the President of the guild resides.
Our friends have already reached that house where the entire guild has gathered up. When they reach the front door however, a warrior stops them.

Acadian : Stop. Gimme the password.

Dryops: “You suck”

Acadian : True.But you still gotta gimme the pwd.

Olympia : Oh! And I thought that WAS the password

Kabal: Nah.. Thats just the obvious reality.

Dryops : And since when do we use passwords Slackadian?

Acadian : Hmm you seem to be gone for quite a while Dryops. Since the Undercity incidents we have increased security measures. So without a password u're not going anywhere.

Kabal : (We don't huh?) Hey Aca did u hear? Mumsy opened up his store again!

Acadian : !! OMG are you serious??!! Ohh shittt- how could i possibly get
out of this now- My shift doesnt end for another 2 hrs.

Kabal : Hmm.. Ok you can go - I will stay here at your place - But Dont take too long - U hear?

Without a second thought Acadian rushes and charges running like a maniac towards Mumsy's Toy House. So our friends enter inside the ΗΕ-Grommash Hold.
As soon as they enter they see an undead priest sitting on a throne. Two slaves right and left of him move the plainstrider feathers they hold in their hands in a seductive way to cool him off. Yet, he has another feather is on his head like a Native American and he wears a robe as if he just got out of the shower.

Dryops :(Yelling) All bow to KONJO - PRESIDENT OF HORDE EMPIRE!!!

Kalhas : Himmm?? He is a GM??

Kabal : Ya, why u dont like him?

Olympia : Well, let me tell ya if I sew a nice pink robe I have in mind for him he would look better. Not to mention a lot more trendy!

A mage with a very serious look on his face passes them by.

Garzuul : What's going on here? Who are these nabs Dryops and why did you bring them here?

Dryops : I've alredy spoken to the President about them and he said he wants to meet with them. Btw what r u playing here? The check-in guy? Shoo!

Kabal : Be a darling Garz and make me some waters since i ran out and let us speak to the President. Oh and also move over a bit !

Dryops : Konjo Sir we have brought those young ones as promised. Kalhas, Kenpo and Olympia.

KONJO : Yeah but you didnt bring them in a good time you all times classic Noob. As you can see i'm having my manicure and pedicure done right now by these.... well.. ladies and you are just spoiling my fun..

Valara : (low-voice) One day I WILL become full member and I'll show you..
KONJO : Anyway. Well. Lets not waste any more time. Horde Empire doesnt recruit members that are under 55 lvl. But. An exception can be made since I was asked to do that favor to my dear friend Lazarus in Undercity.

Olympia : (low-voice) That Lazarus guys has all the important connections right?

Kalhas : (low-voice) Mmm.. there's something i certainly dont like in this whole thing.

Kenpo : (low-voice) I know right? Everything runs so smooth and goes well? Been thinking the same thing...

KONJO : (Preaching tone of voice)….To become full members of Horde Empire you must each perform a series of quests. On your own. No help provided. Separately from each other. To ensure you will get no help however, you will all be supervised by a Horde Empire member to keep an eye on you.

KONJO : Ceasar you go with Kenpo.

Ceasar : But.. But I just came back from a 15day roadtrip of farming and
questing. And you're sending me right back out there?

KONJO : I HAVE SPOKEN !!! Jupiter. You take Olympia.

Jupiter: Huh Wha? What are you talking about? I got tasks to perform. I got no time for this. Besides. I ain't no priest. What business do I have with her? And what could she possibly provide to me. (looking down on her)

Olympia : Mmm.. a cute stretchy sweatshirt? A nice elegant cape for your Void? Oh I'll find something - dont you worry!

Jupiter: (Jupiter takes a gasping look indicating that things are slightly worse than he thought) Oh c'mon KONJO Sir - Please. Please dont leave me with her. I dont think I can take it.

KONJO : Oh fine - Just take Val with you to have some company. And when you come back with all verifications provided I will grant her full membership.

Valara : Hmmph .. Jupiter has to actually say I'm OK? Havent I proven myself all this time? Pff..

KONJO : Aand finally Kalhas will be accompanied by Saankaa.

Saankaa : But I'm a mage - What business do I have with a priest - what do I know about healing quests?..

Garzuul : (low-voice) As if he knows about mage quests.....

Saankaa :I heard that .....

Kalhas : Excuse me but you assigned only Kenpo with a same class caretaker? Why not us too??

Kenpo : Because they understand who has the talent to become super-biba - thats why!

Kalhas : Kenpo , Go to a rollercoaster ride and then spit on your thighs so u can slide faster - Ok??

Olympia : Ohh?? Is that seriously possible? Mmm.. I have never tried it..

Jupiter: (Gasping again) KONJO plzzzz dont send me out there with her.. I wont make it - she'll drive me insane.. Plzzzzzz...

KONJO : Kalhas the answer to your question is that I dont have other available priests atm. Now. All stop talking and on with the quests.

Olympia ….I want you to take 3 fp's. Winterspring, Decolase, and Duswallow Marsh.Then, you will go to Onyxia's lair and you will bring me one of the bones she uses to sleep on.

Jupiter: !!!!! Are you serious now my dear KONJO Sir? How is she supposed to do that? Winterspring is strictly 55-60 lvl and as for Onyxia it requires a raid to enter her lair.

KONJO : Right. Well.. You will be three people. Make a raid and get in.

Kenpo…I want you to take the flight paths from Aszhara, Feralas και Sililtus…You are also required to bring me an Obsidian shard from AQ 40.

Ceasar : Ohh Grreattt..... Wipe fest of the wipe fests here we come...

KONJO : And finally Kalhas… From you I want the flight paths from
Un goro crater, Moonglade and the Badlands.….

on that moment Acadian enters the room…

Acadian : Kabal! That lie of yours will not pass just like that…

KONJO : Sup Acadian? ..Why did u leave your assigned position?

Acadian : Well, Kabal told me that Mumsy reopened his store ... The filthy liar...

KONJO : And was that a reason for you to..... Wait a minute. That is an
excellent idea ... Kalhas after you take the fp's you will have to go find
Mumsy and convince him to come back and reopen his store....

Kalhas : Ohh?> And how or where am I supposed to find that guy?

Kabal : Current intelligence report that he was seen close to the Crossroads,high up on a mountain.

KONJO : HUSH KABAL…We said no help.. So. End of talking. All go on now and do not come back until all of your quests are finished.

Our three friends part their roads for once again to perform their quests, eachalong with their escorts.

to be continiue

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