Recruitment Procedure.


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Recruitment Procedure.

Post  Cocco on Wed Oct 03, 2007 3:21 pm

Applying to Epsilon.

- Level 90 and wanting to progress to the best of your abilities, not expecting other people to progress your character for you.
- When raiding you need a microphone. You must be able to speak, listen and respond on Ventrilo.
- You must be 18 years old or above.
- Maintain a high level of maturity whilst not being easily offended.
- Whiners and underachievers will not be tolerated.
- We do not accept mediocrity nor do we accept quitters.
- Raiders need experience and /or knowledge of how the encounters work from ICC onwards.
- Have maximum PvE raiding spec; we are PvE guild PvP specs are not permitted while raiding.
- Willing to respec your character to suit our needs.
- You must be able to follow orders and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly.
- Raiders need having a flying mount.
- In raids we demand that you use potions, flasks & consumables, this is not negotiable.
- Master your character and know your class intimately.

Our raiding days are :

Monday : 20:00 > 23:00
Tuesday : 20:00 > 23:00
Wednesday : 20:00 > 23:00
Thursday : 20:00 > 23:00
Friday : Free day
Saturday : Free day
Sunday : Optional Raid 19.00
*Raid can delay to start 30min if RL see it needed.
*Raid time can be extended if we are on boss.

If you lack experience with the current end-game bosses and an appropriate level of gear for raiding the end-game encounters, do not apply for Raiding, however you can still apply as a Casual Player.

Once we have received your application you will generally hear within a week if we are able to offer you a trial. We will try and get back to all applicants within a 2 week period whether the application is successful or not, however at busier times this isnít always possible. If this is the case its safe to assume that if you donít hear anything then your application has been unsuccessful this time.

We will post on the forum under your application the results and what further information we require

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