THE CURSE part 3


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THE CURSE part 3

Post  Kenpo on Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:52 pm

Chapter 3

Kill them all and let god (Bitanga) judge them

The little slope that led to Brill was ending with a slight curve. The first houses were visible. First was the inn and next to it the Town Hall with its big clock. Right in front of it, Executor Zegand, on horseback and with an aura of superiority, was issuing orders to some soldiers. The three friends stood close to him and observed.

Executor Zegand : YOU!! Bring me water, you there, bring my morning newspapers, you there bring me my slippers to relax a little….NOWW!!!!!!
Kenpo : This guy reminds me of someone.
Kalhas : Are you implying that I’m like that you filthy scum!!?
Olympia : That’s what I call self awareness!!!! He he
Kenpo : Hey! Isn’t he the skinny one that we use to kill for fun when we came here at 40 level ? That’s who I meant.
Kalhas : Oh!! And I was wondering of who you meant…
Olympia : He reminds me of Kalhas when we raided with the old Guild.
Kalhas : Why you… God I wish I knew the Silence spell… The next time you would speak, it would be when we became Alliance again. Wait here till I ask this guy something. Hey pal! Can I ask you something?
Soldier : Make it fast though. We don’t want Zegand to see us, otherwise I’ll get a transfer to Badlands.
Kalhas : Who is this guy on horseback, that makes you all run and do errands for him? He must be someone important, right?
Soldier : It’s Executor Zegand. He’s Varimathras’s errand boy himself. What a big deal. If I had myself Varimathras to back me up, do you know how importand would I have been?
Executor Zegand : You, why are you still here? Do you want to feel my anger?
Soldier : Sorry Sir! I was giving information about Brill to those people here.
Executor Zegand : And what does that make you? A Tourist Guide? Get outta here! You three, come here.
Olympia : Hmm, this noob is starting to bug me.
Kalhas : I’m already bugged.
Executor Zegand : Are you the ones that Lazarus has sent to me?
Kenpo : Who ?
Executor Zegand : Lazarus the priest trainer from UC.
Olympia : So, his name is Lazarus then?
Executor Zegand : He told me to make you busy, cause he needs you to be level 40 fast.
Kalhas : Ok, let’s cut the crap then. What will you have us do?
Executor Zegand : Here you go ….. get this little book and follow he instructions written inside. Get back to me, when you finish.

Kalhas made a quick scan of the book contents…
Kalhas : But, here there are at least 50 quests !!!!
Executor Zegand : After those quests, if you of course make it back alive, I’ll give you a second book! He he… Beat it now.
Kalhas : What??? All those quests and come back for more?
Executor Zegand : Yeap, that’s what Lazarus said.
Kenpo : May I ask a question? Where is the Hunter Trainer ?
Executor Zegand : At Orgrimmar. You need to make a trip to get some new skills. The other two will go to UC for that. Now beat it!!!
Kenpo : Kalhas, what kind of quests are those?
Kalhas : Crap!!! This is ridiculous…. Kill some level 2 skeletons, gather some pumpkins, bat wings and………

Kalhas stopped suddenly. By the look on his face, Kenpo and Olympia realized that what he read was not so good.

Olympia : What’s wrong? Does the next quest suck so much? What does it say?
Kalhas : …… to kill Scarlet soldiers and their leaders !!!
Olympia : Wtf… no way. How shall we do this quest?
Kenpo : Wish I knew… it’s better to leave this till the end, in case we find a way.
Kalhas : That is exactly what we’ll do. Let’s go, further north from here, is the farm with the pumpkins that we need to gather. Let’s start with the easy ones.
Olympia : Come to think of it, it’s hard to believe it. Once an Alliance Hunter, now a Horde Priest and now ready to become a village farmer!!!! Isn’t it great???
Kenpo : Kalhas, may I throw her into the sea? A little bath will bring her senses back…
Kalhas : Definitely no. We must keep sea water and the beaches clean.
Olympia : Ok ok. Nevertheless, we need to do something to make a living right? I’ll be a tailor / enchanter. I’ll be making some pretty chic clothing. All those that won’t sell and be out of fashion, I’ll disenchant and sell their dust. I tell you, it’s the moneymaker.
Kenpo : Since I’m a Hunter, I’ll become a Skinner . But no Leatherworker, cause I’m allergic. I’m better off as a Miner. Those two make good money too.
Olympia : allergic to what? Glue?
Kenpo : No, allergic to labor!!
Kalhas : I’ll be a Herbalist / Alchemist, in case we might make the elixir ourselves and be able to become our old selves, without any help.

So, the three friends have started questing. They followed the book’s contents, without any delay. They gained 10 levels, within the first day. In three days time and a lot of effort, they were level 20.

Kenpo : Yo, Kalhas, we need to get some training, learn some skills and you two learn some spells. We simply just can’t kill mobs anymore only by hitting them. I need to go to Orgrimmar.
Kalhas : Sure. Besides, this quest book that Zegand gave us is almost finished. Only the one to kill the Scarlet soldiers remain. You get to Orgrimmar, we go to UC for training and we meet back in Brill Inn. Be there by tomorrow morning.
So, after all this time, the three friends were temporarily separated. The next morning, Kalhas and Olympia entered the Brill Inn.
Ο Kenpo was sharing a table with a level 60 Orc warrior. When he saw them, he went straight to them.

Kalhas : Hey Ken, all ok? Who’s he?
Kenpo : He’s our solution for the Scarlet warriors. I met him in Orgrimmar and I convinced him to help us. He said that he deadly hates Scarlet mobs. He’s also going to take us later to Scarlet Monastery too.
Kalhas : Good job. Introduce us then.
Kenpo : Dryops, this is Kalhas and Olympia, my friends I was telling you about.
Dryops: Hello slackers .
Kalhas : Hey friend. Kenpo here, told us that you’ll give us a hand. We thank you.
Dryops: No problem m8. I have nothing else to do at the moment, so it’s ok. Later, I’ll join my Guild for an MC run. We have enough time to kick some filthy Alliance asses.
Olympia : ( whispers ) “filthy alliance”?? … oh god, give me strength.
Dryops: You said something lady?
Olympia : No, not at all m8. Just realized, how lucky we are that Kenpo found you.
Dryops: Lucky indeed. Shall we?
Kalhas : Let’s go .

The group of four went north to the pumpkin farm. Within 2 minutes, Dryops had cleared the whole area, including the villagers and the pumpkins were theirs.
Kalhas : Stop!!! Hold on a sec m8!!! It’s fine to kill the warriors, fine to kill their leader, the pumpkins done, but why kill the villagers?
Dryops: They’re Alliance. Should we spare them?
Kalhas :…yeah right!! It’s just a waste of time… see my point?
Dryops: If you don’t want to waste time, you slackers kill some too. Do you think I didn’t see you all this time doing nothing but watch?
Kenpo : It’s because we were admiring your imba technique.
Dryops: You’re no less smooth- talker than the rest. Listen up, if you don’t help in the next fight, I’m gone and you’re on your own, got it?
Olympia : Ouch. You mean leave us alone to kill the scarlet warriors? Us?
Dryops: Why? Is it too hard for you? It’s better to realize that from now on, that’s what you’ll be doing. Killing allies.
Olympia : Yeah right. And then you woke up.
Dryops : … or else what lady? You’ll baby-sit them?
Kalhas : Oly, the Orc is right. We’re HORDE!!!! What are we here for?
Olympia : gggrrrrrrrr
Kenpo : We said enough… let’s go on.

The three friends, with a heavy heart, started to help Dryops in his “task”. Till noon, the scarlets were completely annihilated.
Except the scarlets, also dogs, cats, zombies, skeletons and whatever was moving was also gone. Dryops, like a hurricane has swept everything. Greenpeace declared two more bat species as being vanished.
The good part of this massacre was that the three friends have gained 5 levels each, and had their bags full of cloth, skins and green items, apart from those that were wearing already.

Dryops : Ok m8s. I’m off, I need some rest. MC starts in a few hours.
Kalhas : By the way Dryops, in which Guild are you?
Dryops : In Horde Empire of course, where else?
Kalhas : How can we join this Guild ourselves?
Olympia : Wtf?? We’ll join a Horde Guild now?
Kalhas : Shut up. I know what I’m saying.
Dryops : Our Guild master must approve this. I’ll talk to him and I’ll let you know tomorrow.
Kalhas : Tomorrow? That means you’ll help us again then?
Dryops : Sure, I kinda liked you guys. Tomorrow then same time, same place ok?

Dryops mounted his wolf and left towards the zeppelin. On their way to Brill, to deliver the quest book, Olympia turned to Kalhas.

Olympia: Ok with all the rest. Why the hell do you want us to join a Horde Guild anyway?
Kalhas: And how do you think we’ll get to level 60 Olympia? With mob grinding?
Olympia: No, the best is to join a Guild, start questing and slaughter half of the Alliance in Azeroth. I’m better off with mob grinding, if you ask me.
Kenpo: Yeah, right lady… We’ll be 60 in ten years, that’s what you want?
Kalhas: Shhh. We’re in Brill. Hey Executor. We brought you your little book.
Executor Zegand: How come? Aren’t you gonna finish the quests?
Kalhas: We did!!
Executor Zegand: Ahahaha, nice one m8. No way. It’s too soon…

Kalhas gave the book to Zegand. His eyes popped out. Actually, not a difficult thing to happen in an undead skull, but still Zegand was astonished.

Executor Zegand: Wtf? How could you complete all those quests so fast?
Olympia: Pff, we’re just too good. Now, give us the next book.
Executor Zegand: Well, this one is a little more difficult. Those quests are up to level 40.
Kenpo: No problem. We’re level 25x3=65. We’ll do them in no time.
Executor Zegand: Don’t try so hard, you’ll drop a kidney.
Kalhas: Ok… C ya.
Executor Zegand: Oh, I almost forgot. A Rogue was asking for you and he said he’ll be back.
Kalhas: Do you know his name?
Executor Zegand: Of course. Everybody knows Bitanga .
Olympia: Oh crap!! We’re so screwed…
Kalhas: Ok, we’ll be around.

The three friends chose the forest to spend their night. They decided not to stay in the inn, in order to avoid any unwanted meeting. The next morning, they went back to check for Dryops, as they have agreed.

Kenpo: There he is, sitting with two others. Let’s go.
Kalhas: Right on time buddy.
Dryops: I promised I would come, didn’t I? Meet my two guildmates, Kabal and Bitanga.
Olympia: I knew it was a bad omen! I saw Longjaw Mudsnappers in my sleep.
Bitanga: Greetings! I was looking for you since yesterday. Didn’t Zegand tell you about it?
Kalhas: He did.
Bitanga: And why didn’t you show up?
Kalhas: Why should we? You were looking for us, you should find us. We don’t know you and had no business to look for you.
Olympia: (whispers to Kalhas) don’t make him angry fool! We should make a good impression to him.
Kalhas: (whispers to Olympia) I hate Rogues!!
Olympia: (whispers to Kalhas) Since when? You used to be one, remember?
Kalhas: (whispers to Olympia) Oh shit, you’re right!! Why do I really? Probably because I’m a priest now and those rogues one-shot me.
Bitanga: What are you whispering all this time?
Kalhas: Is this forbidden too??
Bitanga: It is only because you’re new, the reason I don’t get angry with your attitude. I’ll now make some questions though. That is the reason that I came looking for you yesterday.
Kenpo: Is it necessary? We were meant to start questing and we waste time.
Bitanga: no worries my friend. The time you’ll waste with me, you’ll get it back, since Dryops and Kabal will help you. You do know that there was a raid against UC, a few days ago right?
Kenpo: Of course. Who doesn’t?
Bitanga: Shortly after, you guys showed up, asking some weird questions. Why do you want to know about Varimathras’s new spell?
Kalhas: Plain curiosity.
Bitanga: And you offer gold, only for that?
Olympia: We’re very curious you know, we pay for what draws our curiosity, if we have to.
Bitanga: Where were you at the time the raid took place??
Kenpo: We were nowhere, simply because we were not created until after the raid.
Kalhas: This is definitely true. He he
Bitanga: You mean that… hmm… you actually mean what?
Dryops: My God, they actually mean that you’re being a divine pain in the ass. Let them go, so that we can kill some Scarlets for a change.
Kabal: Yes God, why are you suspicious about them? They’re just noobs, they hardly know where they’re going.
Bitanga: I’m not sure. There is something about them… The priest’s eyes for example, they look too “alive”.
Dryops: Ok, we must go. If you like, join us.
Bitanga: Naah, I’ll pass. I need to find who’s behind the UC raid.
Olympia: Oh come on you bag of bones! Let it go m8.
Bitanga: Ok, but we’re not finished. I’ll keep an eye on you people!!!
Kabal: I’m not going to waste any more time here. Let’s go.
Olympia: Mister Kabal you dropped something.
Kabal: What? What? Gold? They are belong to me!!!!
Olympia: No no, it’s just this wooden stick.
Kabal: This is no stick lady. It’s called Totem and I didn’t drop it. I stuck it there.
Olympia: O rly? And what does it do this totem? Why do you spoil the poor innkeeper’s floor?
Kabal: It is an Air Cleansing totem… something stinks in here. I’m cleansing the air with it.

The group of five reached the Scarlet Monastery, after a while. Along the way, Kalhas had gathered all the herbs he could find, Kenpo had skinned even the snails, while Olympia was knitting a sweater.

Kabal: (whispering to Dryops) Hey? Why do you help those noobs?
Dryops: (whispers) Not sure… they have something that I like. Especially this blonde priestess is so stupid. I feel sorry for her, you know what I mean? Besides, Bastyani knows them and asked me to help them. Not that I do it because of him, but you know…
Kabal: (whispers) Yeah right. Admit it, you like her…

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Re: THE CURSE part 3

Post  Kenpo on Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:56 pm

Exactly at that moment, Olympia reaches them and says to Dryops:

Olympia: My dear Dryops. I want to make you a nice sweater for the winter time. I need to find out about your size. It’s going to be a nice pink sweater that will look just like your pink cheeks.
Dryops: PINK??? Wtf do you take me for, lady? A warrior with a pink sweater…
Olympia: Ehhmm, ok…what’s wrong with pink as a colour? Besides, you’re gonna be the only warrior with that kind of colour. Your face looks ugly by itself. Wearing some bright colours would improve your image greatly.
Dryops: Forget it Olympia. I’m not wearing cloth armor anyway.
Olympia: And how am I supposed to raise my tailoring skill, if you guys don’t help me?
Kabal: (whispers) Are you sure about feeling sorry for her m8?
Dryops: (whispers) I’m having second thoughts. This one is completely gone. There must be a total void between her ears.
Kabal: (whispers) Yeah, she must have a bean instead of brain, inside her head.
Dryops: Oh, I almost forgot… Kalhas, I spoke to our GM about you. To join our Guild, you must be level 40 and pass some tests, to prove your value.
Kalhas: Ok. We’ll get quickly to level 40 and we’ll see what your Guild Master wants from us.
Kenpo: Here is the Monastery entrance!!

Even before Kenpo had finished his sentence, Dryops and Kabal had already begun the slaughter inside the monastery. The three friends were trying to keep up their pace, but they could only find the corpses that the other two were creating.

Kenpo: Hey Dryops, slow down m8. We need to get some XP you know… Slow down.
Kalhas: Where to now?
Kabal: You boy, follow us and don’t talk… all of you need to flocus and stay alive.
Kalhas: Boy?? grrrr
Dryops: Move!!! You Kalhas hug the wall you Olympia loot the dogs and you Kenpo skin the damn think.

The group entered the Monastery. An hour later, they got out with our friends being now level 35. Dryops and Kabal couldn’t walk straight from exhaustion. They didn’t leave anything alive in there, not even the flies. Our three friends were up to their necks with loots.

Dryops: Well, my worthless m8s. Let us all go to Orgrimmar, so that you can do your training and introduce you to our GM.
Kalhas: … but we’re just level 35. Didn’t you say that he’ll see us when we hit 40?
Dryops: Pff. He’s just an old man, with one foot inside his coffin already. No way he remembers what he told us. I’ll convince him that he doesn’t know what he’s saying.
Kabal: In fact, that is not so difficult to prove. Let’s go.

And so, the group went up the stairs to the zeppelin platform. Shortly after, the bulky ship arrived and took our friends towards Orgrimmar and the leader of Horde Empire.


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Looking forward to read the next part bro.Good job.

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