THE CURSE part 2


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THE CURSE part 2

Post  Kenpo on Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:46 pm

Chapter 2: "The Research"

Kalhas: Move you dead horses, letís check out the Undead Capital.
Olympia: Kalhas I hope you donít want us to cross the ditch with that shitty water. It will ruin my precious clothes.
Kenpo: Was she bitching like that all her life Kalhas?
Kalhas: Nope. She is much better lately. Letís head for the inn and check it out.

As the company of three walked up the stairs of UC to reach the Inn , they witnessed the mayhem and distruction that occurred the previous night. Broken chandeliers, chairs and tables smashed down, blood all over the floor and the walls, burned down remains from the spells. A bunch of undeads and a few orcs were praying on their knees crying in front of a statue. Kalhas stops a walking by guard.

Kalhas: Hey you!

The guard threw him a quick glance and walked away ignoring the arrogant mortal

Kenpo: Chill out dude, who do you think you are? You are only level 1, remember? You must sweet talk.
Olympia: Let me handle this, I know how. Hm Psit Psit Monsieur Le guard. Ouuu Ouuuu! Mister fatsostinkyungly. Why are all those fine gentlemen on their knees??
Guard: Hmm I will answer you only because I am flattered by your words. They are praying to our living God to find those responsible for the last night raid.
Kenpo: Living god?? What are you talking about?
Guard: Beside our Dark Lady we also worship our living God Bitanga aka Bitangod. A living breathing (???) undead legend that inspires us all. HE WILL FIND AND KILL THEM ONE BY ONE FROM BEHIND LIKE A BRAVE GUY HE IS. As we speak the search has already begun.
And saying those brave and inspiring crap the guard move on.

Olympia: Yo kalhas! I think we should give up lookin or else this Bitanga guy will fubar us.

As usually Kalhas considered his companion's suggestion Ö and totally ignored it.

Kalhas: Move on Ö. There! That must be the inn.
Kenpo: There? ButÖ all there is there is a couple of standing undeads and a mailbox.
Kalhas: Good Morning ďmy babiesĒ
Innkeeper: Where the hell do you see the Good Morning??? Man if you are blind you should wear sunglasses so that we can know!!!
Kalhas: Well , here in the inn.
Innkeeper: Well it was, until yesterday.
Kalhas: You mean the last night raid?
Innkeeper: Yeap those filthy Alliances jumped on us from nowhere, but Varimathas kicked their asses.
Kalhas: Yes the filthy bastardÖ.
Innkeeper: WHAT????? VARIMÖ
Kalhas: The filthy bastards the alliances I mean (said the almighty Kalhas with his shit touching the underwear, correcting his epic blunder)
Innkeeper: Hmmm (said the innkeeper with suspicion all over his bony face)
Kalhas: Could share some details with us, cause we were not here last night. Any serious damages?
Innkeeper: You know man. The usual crap. 40 alliance scums broke through the sewer killed the guards and move straight for Varimathas. Blah blah blah conclusion we kicked their asses again.
Kalhas: Thereís a rumour that Varimathas send them all to outer space with one hit. Does our beloved Boss has any new spells or abilities?
Innkeeper: Well maybe I heard something maybe I didnít. I was preoccupied with putting my business back up.
Kenpo: Maybe you know someone that can help us?
Innkeeper: Well let me thinkÖ a friendly horde to help you out, hmm crap with all that massacre and the things I have to do now, my memory is kind ofÖ weakened , a cloud is covering my brain, if I had one ofc.
Kalhas: Aha I get the picture. Maybe a fresh rain of gold could help you out, clear your memory? (As the almighty Kalhas was saying these words he was actually thinking "I wish you were in my guild so I could KICK you out you $@##$%%")
Innkeeper: What a great idea. Yep that could really help.
Kenpo: And where the fuck we can find money now! How much you mean?
Olympia: Wait I have an idea (Olympia whispered and walked away)
Kenpo: Should we shiver to death now Kalhas or not? Donít let her go on her own.
Kalhas: Letís see what happens. Itís the first she has an idea.

Olympia walked near the helpless fellows that were praying on Bitanga. Half an hour later she returned with 2 gold in her fleshless hands.

Kalhas: What the fuck? How on earth did you raise 2 gold?
Olympia: Simple, my poor Kalhas. I walked over there and like a good priest I am I asked for donation to rebuild UC. Itís not my fault they bought it. Now we have an extra gold to dress up and a good meal, I must do my nails too, i need a massage... and as a typical female Olympia was chattering blah blah blahÖ.

Kalhas grabs the money and gave it to Innkeeper.
Innkeeper: Go at the Warriorís quarter and ask for the priest trainer. Now piss off I have work to do and ofc this conversation never took place. Beat it!!!

The Company of three (or just copany in greek) after they spent some moments at the local shops buying crappy things and eating half an ox in order to avoid becoming like Kalhas is (9 kgr at the moon). They also bought a bow and some arrows, too bad Kenpo sucks and even though he is a hunter he cant shoot an elephant standing 1 meter away from him). As for Olympia she bought a hand mirror and a lipstick. Too bad undeads donít have lips.

Olympia: Oh my!!! What are they doing hitting those lovely dolls?
Kenpo: Practice (a word that is unknown to Kenpo)! As soon as they gain some levels they will be guards here.
Olympia: I see !!! Thatís why they got fubar last night. They could hit shit. Dummy practice hahahhahahah.
Kalhas: And why do you care Olympia about what Horde does? Better for us. We can enter and slaughter them much easier.
Olympia: Eh you know manÖ we are in this side now and I got something like emotional. Maybe I could tell them a few hints.
Kenpo: This is earth calling Olympia, this is earth calling Olympia, are you there, reply plz. What are you talking about we are busting our balls here to get back to human and you are talking about sides??? WE ARE ALLIANCE, remember?
Olympia: Ok I will zip it. But can I at least tell that what they are wearing is obsolete? They are out of fashion.
Kalhas: Can you please stop talking. Let me do the hard job. Hellllllooooo Sir.
Priest trainer: Whooootttt??? I cannot train you. You are too low leveled. And you, you are a hunter. Return after you reach level 2. Go now. I cannot understand why every noob comes to UC right away. They could at least stay to Brill , said the trainer to himself.
Kalhas: Listen to me. We donít need training, we only want to know about Varimathras new spell. What can you tell us about the specific one.
Priest trainer: And how come you know about the Lordís new spell? And why are you interested in it? Who are you that I should tell you this information?

The cunning Kenpo (lies ofc) has silently moved behind the trainer, removed a dagger from his pocket, he had just bought, grabbed him from the hair and placed the dagger to his neck.

Kalhas: You will tell us for three reasons. First, so you do not waste you. Secondly, so we do not SLOWLY waste you, and the third reason is that we do not waste you SLOWLY and PAINFULLY.

The trainer with a swift move grabs kenpo by the Ö wrist and threw him 30 yards on the air. As Kenpo was still spinning around Olympia said
Olympia: Hahahah. Good job Kenpo (as usual ofc). We were suppose to threaten him.
Priest trainer: Hmmmmm , speak up before I call the guards. Who are you?
Kalhas: Look priest. We need to know about this new spell and to put more correct we NEED to know how to remove it.
Kenpo: OH OH!!!
Olympia: Is it my idea or he just fucked up? Tell me please, because you only accuse me for being a moron. Priest trainer: So my babies you are Alliance scumms carrying the Varimathrasí Curse arenít you? We tested it last night for first time, we didnít even know if it worked. I see now that it did.
Kenpo: Hail Kalhas the master talker. Thank god we let you talk.
Olympia: So he DID fuck up!!!
Kalhas: Screw me!!! (said the almighty Kalhas admitting his fault as usual)
Priest trainer: Ö and not any alliance , but those who attacked us last night.
Kalhas: Listen yÖ
Priest trainer: NOOOO you listen what I am about to tell you.
Olympia: So Kenpo tell me, did he mess up or not?
Priest trainer: You are brave enough (or stupid) to come to UC and search for a way to remove the curse. This means that you are determined to solve this out
Kenpo: Of course we are (we do not know if he meant the brave or the stupid part)
Olympia whispered Kenpo once again "Now that we talk to each other, he messed up didnít he?"
Kenpo: Quit the bitching already you pathetic $@$%^%%&......
Priest trainer: I am the only one that can help you out. I can tell you how to remove the curse. BUT first you must bring me some items and then I will make the elixir to make you alliance again.
Kalhas: And why would you help us. What will you gain from it?
Priest trainer: This is not your problem, mortal. I can tell you this, I am not helping you because I like you. At the end you will find out. First to see if you are worth it or not you must do some favors for me because I canít do it my self. Do we have a deal? You have to be level 60 anyway in order to drink the elixir.
Kalhas: Listen up. The three of us are fed up by quests. So if want our help tell us the story and we will see if we have a deal.
I think he messed up, said Olmypia to herself.
Priest trainer: Is she always like that????? Why the hell you have her around?
Kenpo: Nah, now that she became a priest she acts like that, she was deaf and dump.
Olympia: Ah the poor girl, do I know her?

Priest trainer casted a silence spell on Olympia, so she finally shut up. ďKill VarimathrasĒ whispered the priest trainer

Kalhas: WHAT??????? KILL VARÖ..
Priest trainer: SSShhhhh!!!!!!!!! Silence you moron, do you want us dead?????
Kalhas: You want us to kill ... Varimathras is on your side AND we are level 1 how can we do this? We didnít even touch him last night as a full raid.
Priest trainer: I didnít say nowÖ you must reach level 60 first. Besides you can't drink the elixir now. And donít forget you must do some dirty work for me first.
Kenpo: So far so good, but why us? We are alliance. Why donít you use a rogue or some of the level 60 you already have here on Horde side? And most important why do you want to kill your Boss?
Priest trainer: Because you are willing to do everything to get rid of the curse and for no money. If it works you will turn in to alliance again so you will not be able to tell anyone of my treason. If you fail, you will be dead, so no one will find out about the master mind behind the attack. As for the reason. What else? I want to be the ruler of UC. Enough talking now. Be gone and donít come back unless you are level 30. Then I will give you your first assignment.
Olympia: Oh boy, and where do we go from here? Where do they greed and level up here. These places are hard, I am going to brake my nails, If I had any.
Priest trainer: Leave UC, all creatures here are around level 5, the three of you can make it. Then ask around, or ask the almighty Jupiter he knows all (He knows shit actually). We will speak again when you are level 30. And after that strange encounter our friends ventured for Brill and the unknown adventures that lied ahead of them, in hope that they will return to find out about the curse that was inflicted upon them.

to be continue.......


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Post  Guest on Tue Apr 08, 2008 2:26 pm

Thanks Kenpo for the part 2 .

I was wondering when the part 3 will be in this forum ? scratch

I'm really looking forward to read the next part!

Did I tell you, i'm a really addict person? And addict personality don't are very patient Evil or Very Mad

Hope to read soon Very Happy


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Re: THE CURSE part 2

Post  Kenpo on Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:12 pm

honey , when yukio translate it i post it on forum.....tbh when i sent it to yukio to translate it ;-) but is ready to go . part 4 also..i boring to write part 5 atm but i start it soon


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Post  Guest on Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:58 am

Thanks Kenpo. Very Happy



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Re: THE CURSE part 2

Post  Neoptolemos on Thu Apr 10, 2008 2:18 pm

I'm ready to translate anytime buddy bounce. Very nice story btw...


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Re: THE CURSE part 2

Post  Divinora on Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:19 pm

I got the privilige to read it all, it was so funny.. i was laughing even days every time was coming to my mind Olympia and her BIBA style cheers so i start whinnie to him to post it here.. even if some names *cough is not my favorite Razz.

Im sure you all realy like it.. this story is a Like a Star @ heaven


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Re: THE CURSE part 2

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