Joint app Holy Pally and Mage. Voix and Almond



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Joint app Holy Pally and Mage. Voix and Almond

Post  voix on Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:36 pm

Simon – Edwina
Just a little over 21 – way way over 21! (Which is a lie – edited by Edwina )
English – English (bit of gnomish too)

Voix (holy pally) - Almond (fire/arcane mage normaly frost atm though)
Hmmm creation date is hard as filling this out at work. Made the blood elfs after had levelled the original mains (me human warrior tank, her human holy priest) Prior to tbc had played for about two years. Voix and almond are technically transfers as they were made on nagrand. Nord is our ‘home’ server for sure but as we were making new toons we wanted a new server with lots of low levels so we could get groups. Once we got to about 60 or so we transferred so that we could transfer them money from our old ally mains.

Cant post armoury link as im at work and blizzards site is blocked but we are but we change our gears constantly if in pvp or pve. I can muster 1500+ heal. As with Almond, she has full S1 and the rest are vindicator sets.

Guilds- Been in a few over the years, almost entirely on the ally side. Sky, heretics (on two servers) virtue, last legion. Reasons for leaving is normally the disbandment of the guild although the reason for levelling the last ally guild was more curiosity with the new (then) blood elf’s, also to try the cheating class…. Pallys We were also in forsaken along with quiet a few of you.
Me- 6000xp dual 64 bit, 4 gig ram, 8600 graphics just over a tb of hard disc space and my new toy a 47inch lcd 
Almond 3200xp 2 gig ram, 9800xt card, plenty of hd and a 32inch lcd

No neither suffer from machine lag, only lag we see is like everyone, busy av’s etc

Yes have headsets and can use vent. If its 64bit compatible. (Not yet installed)

Voix is a miner and an enchanter has just about everything. Almond is an alchemist and she would like to call herself florist: P, she has just got her mastery in elixirs too.

We have both cleared and on farm status zg mc bwl and were up to the twins in aq40. Just started naxx and had done just the first boss. Me as a proc tank her as a holy priest, so we both have very good raiding experience from the old schooldays.

(Hardest boss I have beaten is probably Hacker in zg. Sure not the hardest boss in the world but at the time we were in a guild not big enuff to cope with mc but we were the 3rd guild on the ally side to do it behind fallen legion and unit, and we were in blues only the other guilds were epiced up. It was the first boss that required everyone to be completely involved in. For the size guild that we had it was our highest possible target, lots of bigger guilds were romping away at mc at the time but we took solace in knowing they couldn’t bring hacker down…. We never found that gratifying: P)

Other mmos played -LOTR looks great but really rather shallow, think they spend too much time concentrating on lore rather than game play. Oh and know one knows what the greed button is for its need all the way regardless…. savages^^
Played guild wars, looks nice but its very much a hack n slash.
Also tried RF online, odd little game looks great free too! Plays quiet well I though but lots of grinding seem only about 1 quest per level later on! Very small player base though. Oh and star wars galaxies …… what a waste of a fantastic licence

Have they helped wow? Hmmm no not really all they really did was give almond a head ache listening to me moan about the movement system or the combat system or the odd itemisation system.

Recently we have been living in battlegrounds upping our kits, not on my pally as to my mind there are only a couple of things worth having as a holy pally from the pvp gear and I had most of them already. I have been working on my horde warrior, complete now or there abouts (full s1 gear) and almond has been working on her resto druid (60% s 1 gear with just over 1300+heal) Think the druid still needs attuning but not can be done in a night or two. First time I have been dps so it’s quiet different and has given the class a new lease of life for me.

Our only concern is meeting your raid start times. We are both UK based so most of you are an hour ahead. I get home quiet early but almond works till later and its very very tight for her to get home change eat etc in time to meet your raid start times. We did struggle when we were in forsaken with the same issue. Secondly we are not what you would call heavy duty raiders. If you have openings for people to raid a couple of evenings a week we would happily be able to meet that.

We do know quiet a few people in the guild and enjoy their company. I think you will find us easy going, half decent players and will fit in quiet well. We do enjoy all aspects of the game both pve and pvp. If you have spots that would fit a couple of people like us it would be great.

If you got this far grats but i question your sanity:P


Re: Joint app Holy Pally and Mage. Voix and Almond

Post  Guest on Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:41 pm

Welcome in both of you ! cheers
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Re: Joint app Holy Pally and Mage. Voix and Almond

Post  Divinora on Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:20 pm

I miss you both, welcome Smile


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Re: Joint app Holy Pally and Mage. Voix and Almond

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