Lvl 70 rogue *On Hold*



Lvl 70 rogue *On Hold*

Post  Eferne on Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:27 pm

1. General Information
Name: Frederik
Age: 21
Sex: Not yet ^^
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish

2. Character Information
Name: Gremara
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead
Creation date: I dont KNow Rolling Eyes
Played time: 24 days in all

-Are you the original owner of this account? (Y/N) Yes
-Is this your main character? (Y/N) Yes

-Equipment (Post a link to a ctprofile, or WoW armory):
-Previous guilds: The Sprartans, Bloodoath
-Reasons for leaving these guilds: No raid's and wanna raid Smile
-Are you a server transfer? Why did you transfer? (Be completely honest we can check your information): No i havent Transfered

3. Computer Information
CPU: 10,0
Graphics card:
RAM: 512
Connection type: Cyber City
Do you suffer from framerate issues or lag with 25 players on screen? No
Can you use Ventrilo 3.0? Yes
Do you have a microphone? Are you willing to talk? No Razz Dont have microphone

4. Raiding Information
When are you available to raid with us? Weekend Long Long time
List all times in CET.
Monday - Start time: End time: 18 : 00 - 21 : 30 Then gotta go to work Smile
Tuesday - Start time: End time: Same as Above
Wednesday - Start time: End time: Same as Above Smile
Thursday - Start time: End time: Same As Above

What are the consumables you think are important to your class? Enough DPS Smile
What do you do to prepare for a raid? Eat First and have lods of time Smile

5. Previous raiding Experience (BWL, MC, NAXX, AQ20, 40):
What is the hardest boss you have defeated in World of Warcraft? Onyxia
Explain the PVE experience you have had: Nice enough Play my class Fine
What does PVE raiding mean to you? Very Much Becouse Helping ppl Smile And Getting Better gear ^^

6. Previous Games
List any previous MMO's you have played: Counter Strike
How have these helped you in World of Warcraft? Yes

7. Epsilon Information
Why do you want to join Epsilon? Raiding And Hope For new m8's
What can Epsilon expect to gain from you as a member? Lods Of help and a raid m8
What do you expect to gain from joining Epsilon? To may need What i need In raid's

8. Additional Information
This is your chance to tell us anything about yourself which you feel will be beneficial to your application: I raided Much when i was 60 So... Im ok to my calss Smile

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