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Overview of the Fight
The fight against the Twin Consorts is a four-stage fight, during which you will fight Lu'lin and Suen, two bosses who do not share health pool.

1.The Darkness Phase starts when you engage the bosses, and lasts for precisely 3 minutes. During this time, you will mostly be fighting Lu'lin, but Suen will sometimes appear for a few brief moments and cast spells at your raid.

2.The Daylight Phase starts when the Darkness Phase ends, and also lasts 3 minutes. During this time, you will mostly be fighting Suen, but Lu'lin will sometimes appear and cast spells at your raid.

3.The Break of Dusk Phase starts when the Daylight Phase ends, and lasts until one of the bosses is killed. During this phase, you will be fighting both bosses at once.

4.Phase Four starts when either Lulin or Suen dies and lasts until the second boss is killed.
◦Killing Suen first causes Phase Four to be a Darkness Phase.
◦Killing Lu'lin first causes Phase Four to be a Daylight Phase.
During the fight, your raid can receive aid from the four Celestials: Niuzao, Chi-Ji, Yu'lon, and Xuen. By having raid members perform certain unique tasks, you can summon the help of each of these Celestials, once per fight. Each Celestial will provide a different temporary benefit to your raid.
We have prepared the following video preview of the fight against the Twin Consorts, based on the testing from the Public Test Realms. Once we can do the fight on live realms, we will also publish an up-to-date video guide. We strongly recommend watching the video in order to get a better visual idea of the fight.

5. Darkness Phase The Darkness Phase begins when the bosses are engaged. Suen will disappear, and your raid will engage Lu'lin. Even so, Suen will sometimes re-appear to cast spells at your raid. The phase ends after 3 minutes.

5.1. Abilities During this phase, Lu'lin will use several abilities.
• Moon Lotus is an ability that Lu'lin casts regularly during this phase. She places a lotus flower at a random location in the room (generally, it seems to be far from the center). For a very long time (possibly until the end of the fight), this flower sends out clouds in all directions, which move slowly. If players come in contact with these clouds, they are put to sleep (and essentially incapacitated) for 5 seconds.
• Cosmic Barrage is an ability that Lu'lin casts regularly. She channels the spell for a few seconds, spawning a number of stars on the floor. A few seconds later, each star chooses a random raid member and charges them, dealing damage in an 8-yard radius, and knocking any affected players back.
• Beast of Nightmares is spell that Lu'lin casts a few times during the Darkness Phase. She summons a Beast of Nightmares, a hostile NPC, which fixates on one of the tanks. Only the tank on whom this mob is fixated can damage and kill it. Each time the fixated player receives a heal, the healer who issued the heal receives a stack of a debuff called Corrupted Healing.
◦ Corrupted Healing is a stacking debuff that deals a moderate amount of damage every second. Suen also appears at times during this phase. She does not need to be tanked. She casts two abilities.
• Tears of the Sun is a channeled attack that deals raid-wide Fire damage every second.
• Light of Day is a nuke that Suen casts on random raid members, which deals damage in an 8-yard radius.

5.2. Strategy
During this phase, your raid must perform a few relatively simple tasks.
•Spread out, so that you do not take any additional damage from Cosmic Barrage and Light of Day.
•Avoid the clouds released by the Moon Lotus created by Lu'lin. They move slowly, so avoiding them is not hard.
•Have which ever tank is not focused by a Beast of Nightmares tank the boss.
•Have the tank that is focused by the Beast of Nightmares DPS and kill it. Healers must keep this tank alive with as few heals as possible, so as to minimise the amount of damage that they take from Corrupted Healing.

6. Daylight Phase The Daylight Phase begins after the Darkness Phase ends (so, 3 minutes into the fight). During this phase you will mostly be fighting Suen, but Lu'lin will also sometimes appear for brief moments. The phase ends after 3 minutes.

6.1. Abilities During this phase, Suen will use several abilities.
• Fan of Flames is a stacking debuff that Suen casts on the current target, necessitating a tank switch. Each stack increases Fire damage taken by 25%.
• Flames of Passion is an ability that Suen regularly casts during this phase. She effectively charges a random raid member, dealing damage in a small area around them and knocking back any affected players, and leaving a trail of fire in her path. She then returns to her tank.
• Blazing Radiance is a stacking self-buff that Suen applies on herself all throughout the phase. Each stack increases her Fire damage done. The stacks of this buff can be reduced through one of the abilities that Lu'lin casts during this phase, which we talk about below.
•Suen continues to use Light of Day during this phase, which works just like it does in the Darkness Phase.
Lu'lin appears several times throughout the phase. She is only present momentarily, during which time she casts an ability against your raid. She does not need to be tanked.
•Lu'lin regularly casts Ice Comet against your raid. Several projectiles land on a raid member's location, dealing damage to any targets they hit. After the effect is complete, a hostile NPC called Ice Comet is left behind.
◦If Suen is near to the Ice Comet, she slowly loses stacks of her Blazing Radiance over time. As this is happening, her heat also melts the Ice Comet, slowly damaging it until eventually the Comet dies. The closer Suen is to the comet, the faster it melts.
◦Players who stand next to the Ice Comet are considered to be hiding in its shadow, and they benefit from a buff called Icy Shadows, which greatly reduces Fire damage taken.
◦The Ice Comet is instantly melted from the area of effect component of Light of Day, should a raid member be too close to the comet when they are targeted by this.
◦Raid members can attack, damage, and kill the Ice Comet.
Finally, even though the Lotus Flowers spawned by Lu'lin during the Darkness Phase as part of her Moon Lotus ability will still be around, they do not do anything during this phase.

6.2. Strategy This phase is considerably more difficult than the Darkness Phase. Your raid will have to keep Suen's stacks of Blazing Radiance very low, by having her tanked next to an Ice Comet for as much of the phase as possible.
Even when doing this well, the boss will still have a number of stacks (because the Comets are not always present, and because she sometimes charges distant raid members through Flames of Passion, moving away from the comet), so her damage done will be quite high.
It is possible (and, indeed, recommended) that players who are targeted by Ice Comet move from that location, so as to avoid getting hit by the projectiles.
Tanks also have to alternate tanking Suen, since she stacks the Fan of Flames debuff on her current target.
One final mention should be made, regarding the Icy Shadows buff. On the PTR, we were unable to make significant use of this buff, since any casts of Light of Day on nearby raid members instantly destroyed the comet. While this appears to be the intended interaction between the two abilities, it means that players who are susceptible to being targeted by Light of Day (everyone except the tanks) cannot afford to stand near the comet. Given this fact, we advise that your raid members spread to minimise the damage taken from Light of Day.

7. Break of Dusk Phase The Break of Dusk Phase begins after the Daylight Phase ends (so, 6 minutes into the fight). During this phase you will be fighting both Lu'lin and Suen at the same time. The phase goes on until one of the two bosses is killed.

7.1. Abilities During this phase, both Lu'lin and Suen are active. We will discuss which abilities each of them possesses during this phase (note that they retain some of their previous abilities, and Lu'lin also gains two new ones).

7.1.1. Lu'lin During this Phase, Lu'lin will not use Moon Lotus anymore, and any Lotus Flowers that are around will be harmless. She will also not use Beast of Nightmares or Cosmic Barrage anymore.
She will, however, continue to cast Ice Comet. In addition to this, Lu'lin gains two new abilities.
• Tidal Force is a channeled spell that Lu'lin uses often. While channeling it, she sends out waves of water in many directions. These waves deal high damage to any players that they hit. While channeling this spell, Lu'lin deflects all spells cast against her, and also dodges all attacks, effectively becoming immune to damage.
• Elixir of the Jade Moon is a spell that Lu'lin casts if she is within 10 yards of Suen. This heals Suen for 5% of her maximum health.

7.1.2. SuenSuen will no longer use Fan of Flames or Flames of Passion during this phase, nor does she use Tears of the Sun.
She will continue to stack Blazing Radiance on herself during this phase, as well as casting Light of Day on raid members.

7.2. Strategy Since this phase ends when one of the two bosses is killed, it is your raid's goal to kill one of the bosses as quickly as possible. Given the fact that Lu'lin is immune to damage for considerable portions of the phase, you should focus your efforts entirely on Suen. This is a good idea also because a fourth phase where you have to fight Lu'lin is easier than one where you have to fight Suen.
Your raid should be spread out (to minimise damage from Light of Day, and your tanks should keep the two bosses far enough apart that Lu'lin does not cast Elixir of the Jade Moon.
You should continue to have Suen tanked next to the Ice Comets, to reduce her stacks of Blazing Radiance.
The greatest difficulty in this phase comes from the very damaging and very difficult to avoid Tidal Force cast by Lu'lin. The waves move quite quickly, so raid members will have to quite reactive in order to avoid them.

8. Phase Four: Final Darkness or Daylight↑topWhen one of the two bosses is killed during the Break of Dusk Phase, you will enter the phase associated with the remaining boss. That is to say, if you kill Suen, you will enter a final Darkness Phase, and if you kill Lu'lin, you will enter a final Daylight Phase.
Regardless of which phase you enter, you will remain in that phase until you kill the last remaining boss.

8.1. DarknessShould you kill Suen first, and enter a final Darkness Phase, you should not find this phase problematic. The raid damage is considerably lower than in the first Darkness Phase, since Suen no longer appears to cast Tears of the Sun and Light of Day at your raid.
All of Lu'lin's abilities from the previous Darkness Phase will still be used, but at this point of the fight, your greatest concern will most likely be the enrage timer, the value of which we are not yet certain of.

8.2. DaylightShould you kill Lu'lin first, and enter a final Daylight Phase, you will find that this phase is quite difficult. The difficulty comes from the fact that with Lu'lin dead, no more Ice Comets will appear, and, thus, you will have no way of removing Suen's stacks of Blazing Radiance.
You will just have to make use of defensive and healing cooldowns, as well as any offensive cooldowns you have left, in order to kill Suen as quickly as possible. Note also that the enrage timer of the fight will be bearing down on you.

9. Celestial Buffs Close to the walls of the room, there are four short pillars, and on top of each of them there is a projection of one of the four Celestials. Raid members can click the pillars, and if they successfully complete the task that they are given, the Celestial projected on the respective pillar will grant aid to your raid.
You can receive help from each Celestial only once per fight.
The four effects are:
• Fortitude of the Ox, granted by Niuzao, which increases the maximum health of all raid members for 15 seconds;
•A Rush of Cranes, granted by Chi-Ji, which causes several cranes to pass through the room, dealing damage to your enemies;
• Serpent's Vitality, granted by Yu'lon, which restores your raid's health and mana;
•The Tiger's Celerity, granted by Xuen, which causes the majority of boss abilities and effects to be slowed down, rendering them more easily avoidable.

9.1. Triggering a Celestial When a player clicks one of the Celestials' pillars, they are teleported to another dimension. They are still in the room where your raid fights the Twin Consorts, but they are now alone.
Above their head will appear a marking (for example, the letter W). On the floor of the room, there will be a collection of stars. In order to call upon the Celestial for aid, the raid member must re-create the marking above their character by connecting the stars on the floor to form an identical pattern.
Connecting the stars is done by simply walking over them. You can imagine that your character is a pen, and the floor is a sheet of paper.
When the task is successfully completed, the raid member will be taken back out to the rest of the raid.


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