A Dwarf's help



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A Dwarf's help

Post  Neoptolemos on Wed May 02, 2012 6:42 pm

Zazzo Twinklefingers was furious. This female Orc Rogue was hopeless. The old gnome was there to guide potential assassins for a mission to kill Lord Hiram Creed. Many people tried till then, but all have failed miserably. Each of them was discouraged after a few tries, but this stubborn lady... she just wouldn't leave.

Skravia: So Mr. Thumb, why can't I fly inside Gilneas again?
Zazzo: It's Twinklefingers, but nevermind, just call me Zazzo. We've been here for so long that you might as well drop the formalities. I told you that there are snipers on the rooftops and they see you. I had to magically pull you back 12 times because of that so far.
Skravia: Ye sorry for that, but youtube showed me that i can stealth/dismount on a rooftop before they can see me.
Zazzo: You who?
Skravia: Why are you cheering? I didn't kill him yet you old coot!
Zazzo: I'm not cheering! You said someone showed you a way in...
Skravia: Youtube.
Zazzo: Are you calling me a tube lady?
Skravia: No! (you're shorter than a tube anyway). It's the name of... nevermind that. So do i have to ride in and sneak past the guards right?
Zazzo: Yeap. You have to use all your rogue skillz to make it till the back yard where Lord Creed is. After that, you're on your own. I can't teleport you back. You have to Assassinate Creed.
Skravia: Did you just say Assassin's Creed? Wait till Blizzard hears this blaspheme!
Zazzo: Wha.. wh... blaspheme? Hey lady look, I'm not here to chat about religion right? You can either try to kill the damn dragon, or you might just turn around and get back to Orgrimmar if you like.
Skravia: All right, all right! I'll give it another go. Just be on your toes and port me back if it gets rough ok?
Zazzo: Sure, I've doing this "Beam me up Scottie" crap all day long for you. Just get the job done now!
Skravia: Ok, let's see...

Skravia rode her wolf till Gilneas southeastern bridge and then she stealthed. Further inside the bridge there were many patrols of werewolves and dogs, all of them with increased senses and hungry for blood. By a strange change of luck skravia managed to pass by all of these and suprisingly, she managed to enter the back Yard. There was a lone figure standing in the middle, which was looking around suspiciously. Lord Hiram Creed was alerted. He was expecting an assassination attempt against him and he was ready.

Skravia needed some preparation for this fight, as she realized that her target had quite an endurance to long fights (1.8m HP) and he was definitely a dragonkin (that sick smell is always a proof). She found an opened door, far away from Creed and entered inside to prepare. Once she unstealthed, she started imbuing poisons to her maces and she drank a potion. It tasted like chicken soup, but it was really good for agility.

Skravia: It seems that I need to keep this guy stunned as much as possible. I'm sure also that I need to kick him many times to stop his casting. I wonder what spells he...
Anvilbrew Blackhowl's Rage for starters
Skravia: Woot? Who's there? Show yourself!

A Rogue Dwarf appeared from nowhere inside the room. He was sitting in the far side of the room, eating what it seemed to be a Skwered Eel... ewww!

Anvilbrew: Hey there! It seems that it's my lucky day! Are you here to assassinate Creed too?
Skravia: Hmm, another blasphemer. Hey mister this is WoW ok?
Anvilbrew: O'rly? Who said otherwise? Are you killing Creed too?
Skravia: Emmm, yeah are you too?
Anvilbrew: Nah, I came here to see the wonderful view of Gilneas! OF COURSE I'M HERE TO KILL CREED YOU DUM ORC!
Skravia: Are you crazy? He'll hear us! Vanish now and let's make a plan...
Anvilbrew: Ok here's what I think we should do...

Afew moments later Lord Creed was attacked by Skravia. She started to stun him and ran around him, avoiding his spells and melee attacks as much as possible. The Dragonkin, felt that he would win this clumsy orc easily. As he was slowly weakening Skravia, he was stunned again by another Rogue, a Dwarf that was hiding all that time and at the same time Skravia vanished. He turned towards the Dwarf and furiously unleashed his dragon form and started to hit and claw the Dwarf like crazy...

The two rogues repeated their evil sequence 3 more times until Lord Creed was dead. Immediately they were teleported back to where Zazzo was waiting for them.

Zazzo: So you both made it! Great news! Now you need to get back to Ravenhold Manor and...
Skravia: Hey! Did you know that there was another Rogue trying to do this?
Anvilbrew: Yeah! Did you?
Zazzo: Of course! The point was for both of you to succeed, but each of you alone. You were very lucky to meet inside there at the same time. Even so, it was a difficult task and grats to both of you. It's just that since you "cheated", there is no gold for reward...
Skravia: Woot?
Anvilbrew: You're kidding right?
Zazzo: No, I'm serious. It isn't fair for the rogues before you that soloed the damn quest.
Skravia: WHAT??? there were others too?
Anvilbrew: Skravia grab him...

This is how our little story ends with our new friends successful, getting a pair of epic daggers as reward. Unfortunately this quest is now removed from the content. Whoever visits Gilneas from now on, will be happy to see only a frenzy gnome running around the countryside with A big portion of Kibler's Bits stuck up his ass, being chased by all the variety of Fauna of Gilneas. Our poor Zazzo Twinklefingers can't leave Gilneas, since he can't swim and all water passages towards Silverpine forest are too deep to walk. That was a very useful info that Skravia and Anvilbrew got from him before they left...


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