Holy Paladin (Kulon) - Ready?



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Holy Paladin (Kulon) - Ready?

Post  Kulon on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:02 pm


I'm kinda new in this guild, I joined as a Holy Paladin (And a Hunter as ALT).

I was wondered if I'm ready to join the guild raids?

Link to my Armory:

Avarage Item Level Equipped:

Full Enchanted *
Full Socket *

Note: I have Enchanting 525 > Both my rings are Enchanted with +40 Intellect each
Note: I have Jewelcrafting 512 > I've got 3 epic socket witch gives me +67 Intellect each

General Information:
I've leveled my Paladin from 1-85 myself, no RAF or anything, I was Holy spec as soon as I got dual so I healed in Dungeons, I am good at my class and I know what I am doing, I know what all my spells does that I am using.

I don't use any special rotation, but I have my priority when it comes to heal with spells:
Holy Light: Using all the time because it drain a small ammount of mana.
Divine Light: Using it when someone need's a bigger ammount of health.
Holy Shock: Using it as soon as it's off cooldown due it gives me 1 charge of Holy Power.
World Of Glory: Using it as soon as I have 3 charges of Holy Power and someone are in need of heal, due it's instant an doesn't need any mana to use.
Lay On Hands: I'm saving this for an important person, mostly for my Tank but who's most important can be diffrent from boss to boss.
Crusader Strike: I use this when I stand near my enemy target, if it successfully are a hit, I gain one charge of Holy Power.

I use my cooldowns when I know that the raid are going to take alot of damage, then I heal a larger ammount and then I save some mana and time, or when the tank is taking heavly damage.

Mana Reg. CoolDowns:
Arcane Torrent: Restore 6% of my total mana, instant, 2 min CD.
Divine Plea: Restore 18% of my total mana over 9 seconds, but reduce my healing with 50%, so I use this when I know I can slack some with my healing, 2min CD.
Judgement: Attack's the target and causing a small ammount of damange, but also gives me 4% of my mana ever use, 8 seconds CD.

Any questions or have I forgot any part?
Just tell me Smile


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