anti skravia story


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anti skravia story

Post  Kenpo on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:45 pm

Anti Skravia story

Dead or more Dead!!!!

Mid Day:
Kenpo is passing the Streets of Dalaran riding his wolf.
Just out of May Francis shop and while looking a bit at the Wooly Mammoth, he turns his head to the left and see Neoptolemos talking to the Statue in the middle of Dalaran.

Kenpo : Strange .... I know he is weird but this is way too much.
Let’s see what he is doing.

Neoptolemos : ppsssssttt…where are you ???

Skravia: Here, trying to pick pocket this Giant but it is not working .

Neoptolemos : Which Giant you moron !!!!!!!!!! This is a Statue!!!!!!!!!!

Skravia: So ?? My skill doesn't mention anything about stoned persons …besides he’s got huge pockets.... you can find even a chest in there !!!!!!!!

Neoptolemos : Mercy!!!!!!! He is not stoned!!!!! Is a statue you @#$%!!!!!!!

Skravia: ok ….I 'll stop… (mumbling to herself)… I’ll continue when he leaves. Well how things are going in Guild ? Shall I show myself ?

Neoptolemos : Don't you dare do that. Urouk and the others want to mummify you and put you in the Guild wall as a trophy.

Skravia: Hhmmm I don't thing I like that. Why don't you say anything to calm them down?

Neoptolemos : Sure I did …and Cocco started to measure my height. When I asked her what she was doing she told me…. “One more word and you will take Skravia's place in the wall”.

Skravia: and why you did not say one more... we should know by now if you fit the wall… and they will not be angry with me anymore.

Neoptolemos : Doh.. you... ggrrr.. one more word and I’ll let you here .

Skravia: ok ok i was joking ……

Neoptolemos : Joking? hah! now give me back what you took from my pocket…..

Skravia: humfff he got me again.

Neoptolemos : Listen. I will not fight for you against my guild. It was very stupid of you to use poison on fish feast……

Kenpo: hearing the word fish feast starts to puke ……grouuuu

Neoptolemos : Hey ??!! Did you hear that?

Skravia: What do you thing, I am deaf? You said about the poison on fish feast…grouuuu

Neoptolemos : i did not make the grouuuu you moron!!!!!

Skravia: ah ok …you were saying….that you will go and talk to Cocco and try to calm her down…

Neoptolemos : WHAT ??? What are you talking about ? I don't want to pose on the wall for the visitors. Besides, she made a new manicure... exactly like Onyxia's . Forget it… Think of something else.

Kenpo : So....ok I’m going now to Uroukhigh… When i tell him all that, he will promote me to Master Looter for sure!!!!!!

Uroukhigh was drinking his Grog at the “Filthy Animal” inn, flirting with Uda the beast.

Kenpo : Hi Chief, I have news for you!!!!

Uroukhigh : Me too !!

Kenpo : Well well you are here with Uda ?

Uroukhigh : yeaahh….she is an awesome orc right ?

Kenpo : ye but as we said, I want her for me.

Uroukhigh : who said that ? Only you say it. But now that I look at her......

Kenpo : this is not fair…. bah and I wanted to tell you about Skravia!!!!!

What happened you found her?

Kenpo : If you want this info you have to pay well!!!!!

Uroukhigh : what you want ?

Kenpo : I want to be Master Looter in Raids and let Uda free.

Uroukhigh : hmmm let me think ..
Listen……I cannot agree on all, because Cocco will start screaming. But I shall make you Master Looter in some specific Raids… Now about is ok with me... so we have a deal!!!!

Kenpo : Deal!!! So, Neo is talking with her right now in the middle of Dalaran.

Uroukhigh : So what ? That was all ? Oh c’mon Kenpo, we knew that. Kleftra is hiding in the other side of the city centre and is reporting to Cocco right now.

Kenpo : Dunno if you knew it, but the deal is deal…and you should keep your promise.

Uroukhigh : ofc….you know i keep my promises always…. As soon we go to MC or BWL, you will be Master Looter!!!!!

Kenpo :!!!!!!!!!what ?????????!!!!!!! we didn't say about MC – BWL !!!!!!

Uroukhigh : we said about specific raids. We didn't say which ones!!! So I don't break my promise!!!!
ΑΑΑ!!!! about Uda. I haven't finished with her yet. So, as soon I’m done with her, I’ll let her free...if she wants it too ok?

Kenpo : ggrrrrrrrrr
Uroukhigh : Now get out of my sight, before I demote you and give you
– 1.000.000 dkp as a reward.

Kenpo leaves ….and goes to centre of Dalaran, where Neoptolemos was before. He is having a smile on his face, seeking for revenge ……

Kenpo : pppsssttt!!! Skravia… I know you are here…

Skravia : I am not here!!!! Go away!!!

Kenpo : ye right. Now come out…..

Skravia : ..(hiding behind the statue) what you want? You never got me.

Kenpo : I don't want to catch you

Skravia : So what you want??

Kenpo : I think it is time to come back in guild. They are angry, but you will say how sorry you are and they will forgive you. For how long, will you continue to hide ?

Skravia : You think so ? They will forgive me?

Kenpo : Sure!!!!!! Neo has done a great job….

Skravia comes out of the shadows and follows Kenpo. They walk together where the guild meets before the raids!!!!!

Cocco : Woot!!!!!!!!!!!! You? Here !!!! (Taking off her gloves revealing her nails)

Eleana : Hide your belongings!!!!!!!!!!! She is back!!!!!!!!!

Mayriskyla : Cocco leave it to me. I will Tank!!!!!!!

Elio : Hold on to respec to Holy

Neoptolemos : Why did you come here you moron !!!!!!!!

Skravia : … but Kenpo told me you will forgive me all of you, if i say how sorry I am for what it happened.

Uroukhigh : Aha! That is what Kenpo said ? –1.000.000 dkp and you will never be Master Looter

Kenpo : Why? Was there any chance to be Master Looter?

Eleana : No, but hope dies always last!

Cocco: May charge her!.

Skravia : /Vanish……..

Cocco : She escaped again… Charge Kenpo then!

Kenpo : /FD


Neoptolemos : Oh no!!!!! Why me again???? Skraviaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i will kill you if i get you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end

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