The Dinner



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The Dinner

Post  Neoptolemos on Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:09 pm

Friday was always a free day. Epsilon was not raiding tonight. Instead of bashing, wiping, buffing and healing, our friends decided to meet in Dalaran and have dinner together.

The “Filthy Animal” was not only cool, as an inn for the Horde, but the innkeeper seemed to have attracted the attention of Kenpo...

Kenpo: I’m telling you m8, she’s gorgeous! I can’t stop thinking of firing a Distracting shot at her Wink

Ellio: Distracting shot? But she’ll attack you!

Kenpo: (Yells) Oh yeah! Attack meh babe!

Ellio: Shhhh! Keep it down you mindless Orc! You haven’t even drunk any Kungaloosh yet!

Eleanna: What was that yell about? Are we dueling before the appetizers?

Kenpo: No, no ofc not. I just think that Uda the Beast is a sexy devil and Ellio here tries to cool me down.

Neoptolemos: Uda? Hey! Wait a minute here Mr. “I wanna be a Loot Master”! Uda is taken Razz

Kenpo: O’rly? By whom? Don’t tell me that your “third leg” has kicked her too?

Eleanna and Ellio giggled and waited for this debate to continue, but Mimbihi the Barmaid was taking orders for the drinks and everyone had to decide:

Cocco: Eversong Wine for me please.
Uroukhigh: Bitter Cactus Cider for me.
Mayriskyla: Mulgore firewater, I wanna be hot tonight!
Neoptolemos: Snowfall Lager? I’m used to this and I’d rather stay sober tonight.
Eleanna: Sweetened Goat’s Milk please!
Kenpo & Ellio: Kungaloosh!

Cocco: Hey! What’s with you too? You’ve become very close the last few days. I’m really glad you know...

Kenpo: Like how close do you mean Cocco? You know I have a thing with Uda here...

Uroukhigh: I’m sure she meant something else Kenpo. We all realized what you want to do with Uda right folks?

Everyone agreed and cheered Kenpo for his choice. The spirit was high and our friends have already downed their second glass, when Mato, the inn’s Chef came and started to talk about today’s menu...

Mato: Mead Basted Caribou is tonight’s special folks! I suggest that you all taste it. You’ll find it delicious. Otherwise I can always drop down a...

Mayriskyla: Woot?

Neoptolemos: No way!

Ellio: Don’t you dare!

Kenpo: Do you have a Death Wish m8?

Mato was shocked. He never expected such a hostile reaction by the friendly group. Uroukhigh was staring at him with suspicion, Cocco was calm but obviously on alert as well. Before things went out of control, Eleanna jumped up and said:

Eleanna: Hey calm down guys! Mato did not mean anything. There is no way he would know.

Ellio: Oh c’mon! Everyone knows that you only drop down one thing!

Kenpo: Please don’t remind me! I cannot even say this food anymore.

Mayriskyla: You mean to tell me that Mato was not going to drop down a FISH FEAST???

Neoptolemos was already yellow, while Cocco was taking big breaths. Mato quickly apologized and told everyone that he didn’t even think of Fish Feast. By the sound of this name for the second time, the Death Knight collapsed.

Everyone tried to wake him up while Mato said he was sorry for at least twenty times more and then left towards the kitchen, feeling lucky he survived. “Why would they react so badly to a Fish Feast”, he thought.

A few minutes later Neo was up again, and everyone had lost their appetite, so they decided to spend the rest of the night, just drinking.

Neoptolemos: I was really trying to forget all this guys, but it’s really difficult. I’m sorry for my fainting.

Uroukhigh: No worries Neo, we’re all friends here. Besides, who can forget? Personally, I have had to change my whole raiding supply project. Do you remember? All those days of fishing in Wintergrasp for mats? All those fish to go to waste?

Mayriskyla: Think about all the rest of us that had to look for raid food on our own after this? (oopps!)

Cocco: I didn’t hear that May!

Mayriskyla: No! No, you didn’t...

Kenpo: If had her in my hands right now, I would cut her throat with my bow string! It was Skravia’s fault and you know it all!

Ellio: Don’t remind me!

Neoptolemos: How can we be sure it was her? Just because she vanished a month ago, right before our ‘Accident”?

Eleanna: Yeah! She vanished right before our raid and she’s a Rogue, which means she makes poison. What else do you need?

Cocco: Remember how she reacted when I told her that we were going to fight Sindragosa? She had this expression that she always gets, when she’s up to something.

Uroukhigh: It was my fault guys. When she offered to help me carry the supplies till the Citadel entrance, I should have known...

Kenpo: Grrrrr. That’s when she mixed your Fish F.... ehmmm sorry... your food supplies with Crippling Poison?

Eleanna: So you think that when we aggroed Sindy, the poison crippled us?

Kenpo: I would say yes and also our Guild name has changed. We became "The Sitting Ducks" ffs!

Ellio: Please don’t remind me! Well, actually go ahead. The shock of the beating we had from Sindy has caused me amnesia anyway. I knew everything back then. After this, I can’t even heal right.

Kenpo: You mean you were healing better back then? LOL!

Cocco: Hey! Stop it. This not a good time to argue about Ellio’s healing. Let’s just think about Skravia’s punishment.

Uroukhigh: ... if we ever find her. She might be already dead somewhere.

Mayriskyla: Hmmm?

Neoptolemos: what is it May? You’re not even Deadman are you?

Mayriskyla: Me? Deadman? Ofc not!


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Re: The Dinner

Post  Eleanna on Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:31 pm

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!


lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
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Re: The Dinner

Post  Divinora on Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:49 pm

OMG im crying from laughs at office Smile
Give moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
bounce bounce bounce bounce


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Re: The Dinner

Post  Kenpo on Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:24 pm

one thing only can say.....uda is HOT...oh yes!!!!!

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Re: The Dinner

Post  Elio on Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:59 pm

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Re: The Dinner

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