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        HAPPY BIRTHDAY EPSILON.. 6 years now and counting..!!!!


Welcome to ΕΨΙΛΟN

Epsilon is a raiding guild on the Nordrassil (EU) PvE server which was created on the 1st of September  2007 by a group of friends, after a year, we managed before the WotLK release, to have done almost all end-game instances except Sunwell Plateau.

Now our goal is to grow this guild to be able to do some serious raids with people who share the same goals as us... Discover and conquer all current instances and bosses, and keep the fun of playing.

As a guild, we have a friendly non hardcore enviroment, and people who like to help eachother.

We ask for a mature attitude, patience, persistence (wipes do happen and we learn from them), team spirit and the will to give first and take after. We play a multiplayer game and we want to play it right.
To join our raids
your gear level can be an issue  but can be a minor one, provided that we can see that you do something more than just wear it. Gems, enchants and a plan to improve your gear is more important than just your item level.
Once membership is achieved, you might have a small idea of what life in Epsilon will be… Fun, teamwork and progress, in exactly that order!

So if you think you can fit in with us,  if that what you are looking for,  is a nice guild with alot of fun and with mature people who aren't affraid to try hard.... We will be happy to welcome you to our guild and be part of our friendly team.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon under Epsilon tag.

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